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Top Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out For

The world is discarding the constraints that come with traditional hardware and software models in favor of a safer and more efficient computing platform – the Cloud. We’ve talked about its evolution and its benefits to users and enterprises and now it is time to assess its potential! Let’s look at some trends that will shape the market for Cloud Computing in the coming years.

Managed Private Cloud will dominate

Many organisations are now ready to leverage the benefits of Cloud Hosting. Quick deployment of IT resources, shared resource usage, and the ability to monitor usage and pay for only what they use are some of these. By opting for Managed Cloud, businesses are able to tap the power of Cloud Computing without the pain of becoming an expert in everything. In fact, they will be able to focus more on their core business — on building great applications and other new products, and acquiring new customers.

Emergence of the Hybrid Cloud

In the past few years, many SMEs and larger corporations have deployed some form of private or public cloud for their business applications and data storage. Having understood what cloud computing is and its value-add to businesses, they will consider a hybrid infrastructure to integrate existing cloud deployments with new implementations. It is predicted that in the next five years, hybrid cloud will represent 43% of the cloud market.

Applications will become more cloud-friendly

The way organizations go about cloud computing today is to basically just transfer their enterprise workloads to the cloud or an application infrastructure. However, to fully extract the potential of your cloud model, you need to start designing applications that are cloud-optimized.

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