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Is Your Company Cloud Ready?

Companies have a tough choice to make – whether to move to the cloud or not. There are a number of factors that can help organizations evaluate whether it makes sense for them to adopt cloud computing. Here are some of the key factors that can be considered before evaluating whether your company is cloud ready or not:

1.Security: Security is one of the biggest concerns for organizations today. Security challenges are ever-increasing. The organization must evaluate their internal security mechanisms and also evaluate the cloud service provider’s offering and security systems.

2.Compliance: Compliance to regulations is becoming an important business requirement. While evaluating the cloud service provider, the decision maker needs to be sure that the service provider has the right controls and documentation and follows industry best practices.

3.Culture: There is always resistance to change in any organization. A culture of adaptability to new processes and technology is a must for implementing cloud in your organization. The scale of change needs to be identified and change management process implemented so that cloud adoption becomes easy and seamless.

4.Cost: Most cloud deployments are based on a fixed monthly model of operational expenses. As most of the benefits of cloud come from a pay-as-you-go model, companies prefer to adopt cloud. To know if you are cloud ready, do a quick budgeting and financial forecasting and choose the right financial model that works for you.

5.Control: It is a myth that an organization loses control when moving to a cloud model. The company does not lose control with the right service provider. It only benefits an organization by enabling them to adopt a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure model. Talk to your service provider about migration and exit options available should anything go wrong.

With careful planning and consideration, the cloud adoption process can actually become seamless and help the company move forward in its IT roadmap.

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Features of a Good Managed Cloud Services Provider

A good Cloud Service Provider adheres to varying customer needs whilst giving them a customizable option to pick and choose the services they want...

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Disaster Recovery Strategies - Key Steps

Disaster Recovery Strategies - Key Steps

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7 Reasons why Cloud is the Future

7 Reasons why cloud is the Future

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