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Managed Cloud Servers & Cloud Hosting Solutions

Hosted Dedicated Cloud

The scalability of Cloud, the control and security of dedicated infrastructure, the expertise of eHDF

Managed Cloud Servers & Cloud Hosting Solutions

Maximum flexibility, fully dedicated infrastructure

A Hosted Dedicated Cloud solution features servers that have been configured to the specific performance and security profile to match your organization’s needs. eHDF’s Hosted Dedicated Cloud server solutions are some of the most depended on, in Dubai. Managed Cloud Servers substitute physical hardware and infrastructure with a shared and virtualized alternative. In addition to the efficiency of sharing resources, the ability to rent server space to address a highly specific and exact profile optimizes your outlay and ongoing costs to an unparalleled degree. Cloud hosting providers in Dubai offer an extremely scalable and flexible solution, allowing your organization to tailor usage to exacting specificity. Being able to accommodate demand, to an ongoing and highly customized extent, ensures that your enterprise is not paying for idle and superfluous infrastructure at any time.

eHDF’s Hosted Dedicated Cloud solution lets you focus on optimal performance as the major metric. This highly agile and outcome driven business model makes the hosted Cloud a perfect solution for businesses with variable workloads. As one of the leading Cloud hosting companies in Dubai, we empower your organization with the most optimal cost to performance ratio possible. Our Managed cloud severs allow you to reap the rewards of competitive business advantages. The eHDF Hosted Cloud solution secures your data and ensures uninterrupted and disruption free access. Cloud servers in Dubai are transforming business models with the ultimate in efficient resource utilization. Cloud services in UAE are currently delivering the highest standards of system performance possible.

Get the benefits of on-demand Cloud services, with fixed pricing and dedicated servers needed to meet your budgetary, compliance, and performance needs.

Managed Cloud Servers & Cloud Hosting Solutions

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting services gains

  • Best of both worlds - physically hosted as well as cloud environment
  • Physically separated host servers
  • Compute capacities dedicated to each customer
  • Flexible billing options

  • CSA STAR and PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Easy scalability of infrastructure
  • Reduced capital costs
Managed Hosting

Best UAE Cloud

Let us manage your DEDICATED CLOUD needs so that you can focus on core business


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