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Ddos Protection

DDoS Protection Services in Dubai

Ddos Protection

DDoS demands vigilance – is your business prepared?

The increasing DDoS attacks on organizations’ servers can have such devastating effects that it can affect brand reputation, customer relationships or even revenues. Traditional DDoS mitigation tactics such as increasing internet bandwidth, installing firewalls & intrusion prevention systems are not enough to mitigate DDoS attacks that compromise organizations’ network, applications & services.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a significant hazard for contemporary enterprises, and DDoS Protection is vital in ensuring that a server or network resource does not become inaccessible on a temporary or indefinite basis. DDoS Protection Providers need to defend against attacks that immobilize operational pathways with superfluous requests and workloads.

eHDF’s DDoS protection services are an essential safeguard against the alarming increase in such attacks being experienced around the world. With the perpetration of these cyber-attacks exceeding simplistic risk assessments, DDoS protection services in UAE are garnering increased attention as well. We advise our clients to invest in effective DDoS protection, rather than tolerating operational vulnerabilities.

Given the sophistication of recent denial-of-service attacks, with unwarranted incoming traffic flooding the targeted resource from multiple sources simultaneously, the response needs to be effective. DDoS Protection in UAE is constantly evolving to overcome these threats, while maintaining the functional flexibility that legitimate workloads require. Our DDoS protection services deliver the ability to respond in real time, as well as ensuring an exhaustive ongoing monitoring of your resources that minimizes the effect on legitimate network traffic and requests.

eHDF’s Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Service allows your organization to continue to focus on performance metrics and outcome-oriented operations, while enabling rapid real time remediation. eHDF’s vast experience and up to the minute skills and expertise give you the peace of mind that your organization is protected against malicious disruption.

Ddos Protection

eHDF's Features and Capabilities:

1:1 IP packet inspection

Managed DDoS Protection Service detects and mitigates any known attack -volumetric or application

Instant diversion back to customer network

DoS and DDoS cleaning based on a combination of static and malformed packet filtering, authentication source validity and session-based cleaning

Detailed reports include nature of DDoS attack, attack source IP, geo location, etc.

DDoS threat intelligence

99.99% service availability in 1 calendar year

Attacks are identified and reported to customers in less than 15 minutes

Attacks are mitigated within 15 minutes after the notification

24/7 operations for monitoring, attack detection and mitigation

Managed Hosting

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