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Managed Security Services, RTTM, SIEM Services

Managed Security Services

Leverage the benefits of Managed Security Services for continual threat monitoring & resolution, 24/7 support in Dubai, UAE

Managed Security Services, RTTM, SIEM Services

UAE’s leading IT Security Services Provider

Enterprise networks, endpoints and applications are vulnerable to an ever-growing number of malicious invaders, spammers, hackers, and other cyber threats, yet most organizations don’t have the resources, knowledge, expertise, or infrastructure to ensure their data assets are Safe. We do!

As one of the most relied upon Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) in Dubai and the UAE, eHDF’s expertise in the field is extensive. Our managed SIEM service incorporates comprehensive monitoring and detecting of threats on a proactive basis. eHDF’s exhaustive array of services and approaches are tailored to the specific needs articulated by businesses in the region, making us one of the premier managed security service providers in Dubai. Our well regarded MSSP services rely on highly available and reliable physical resources as well as up to the minute expertise. eHDF specializes in advanced threat monitoring, remote managed security service and managed SIEM service, delivered with attention to detail and high standards of commitment and preparedness.

eHDF’s Managed Security Services encompass every asset in your network, all endpoints, all identified vulnerabilities and their ongoing monitoring and analysis. Our aim, when delivering managed security services, is to extend your defenses to include concerns regarding human resources, infrastructure and processes, with a 24/7/365 approach. The modern cyber-threat landscape is evolving continuously and managed security services in Dubai need to mitigate general as well as region specific challenges, while ensuring ongoing resource efficiency and access.

At eHDF we tailor our services to uniquely reflect your organization’s needs and operational ecosystem. Our Managed Security Services leverage real time analysis, up to the minute threat intelligence and proactive event correlation to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be maliciously exploited. Managed SIEM services need to be backed by exhaustive and internationally competitive service level agreements. Our SIEM services address this requirement comprehensively, while continuing to provide your organization with complete and transparent access to your network resources, operations and data.

Managed Security Services, RTTM, SIEM Services

Advanced Managed Security solutions, along with RTTM and Managed SIEM services are at the heart of eHDF’s MSS offering:


Cyber Defense Centre

Our Cyber Defense Centre (CDC) was launched in partnership with leading technology vendors. And is manned 24×7, based in the UAE to ensure data does not leave the country and delivers an integrated set of Security Solutions


Real Time Threat Monitoring (RTTM)

RTTM combines log collection, 7×24 log analysis and incident classification/notification to provide better visibility of your organizations cyber risk. The service offers comprehensive set of dashboards that allow our customers to make quick and effective decisions of how to improve their cyber defenses


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

eHDF provides advanced DDoS/DoS services, wherein we offer proactive monitoring and DDoS mitigation services. This keeps legitimate traffic flowing to the customer network. Our Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Service is situated in the ISP’s core network, making it transparent to the customer network


Remote Managed Security Service

The service allows customers to outsource the management and monitoring of their SIEM including the people and process required to manage the entire security incident response life cycle


PCI Security Services

We are a fully approved provider of PCI services and can assist customers who need to comply to PCI from an assessment and ongoing monitoring point of view


Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

In partnership with major ATP vendors, we now offer cloud based sandboxing, mail blocking and endpoint quarantine in the event of an outbreak.


Vulnerability Management

We also offer managed Vulnerability Management services to customers based on a platform deployed within the eHDF Cloud, delivered from Data Centres based in UAE. This fully managed service includes the provision of licenses, scanners and skilled resources to managed the VM lifecycle and integrate it into the SIEM solution.


Incident response (IR)

We offer remote and on-site IR services that remove the guesswork following a breach or data loss. We have IR members on standby to assist customers in managing an incident from identification via the RTTM and RMSS services through containment and root cause analysis


Mail Security

We provide comprehensive Mail Security solutions that include the analysis of unknown content to protection against “phishing” attacks, the testing of all imbedded URL’s and the blocking of malware from spoofed domains to protect from “whaling” attacks.


Other Security Services

We also offer Security Log Collection & Management, Managed Web Application Firewall, End point Security Management, File Integrity Monitoring, Data Base Security Management, Privileged Account Management, Security Hardware Management, Server Hardening, Database Security, Managed Network Access Control and Identity and Access Management


Cloud Security

In partnership with a global security vendor, we have developed an advanced “Cloud Access Security Broker – CASB” gateway that allows customers to route their employee’s via a cloud based proxy solution to control access to cloud applications and monitor application usage and data loss.


Encryption Services

We offer a “cloud based” encryption platform that allows customers to quickly and easily encrypt outbound data to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

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