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Why the Cloud is the Right Move?

One of the most perceptible changes in the work culture of recent times is how often, and how much, work is getting done from a remote location rather than a designated office space. A casual enquiry among friends and acquaintances, for most people, is enough to reveal just how commonplace it has become for individuals to find themselves working away from the confines of a corporate office – on occasion or as a standard practice. While several innovations and ideas have contributed to this trend, the enabling technology at its heart is Cloud Computing. As elsewhere, the everyday operations of businesses in Dubai and the UAE too are being redefined by the services of Cloud Hosting Service Providers.

As a strategy, reliance on integrating the benefits offered by a Cloud Hosting Services Provider not only leverages increased output from employees that are traditionally deployed in the field – from surveyors to salesmen – it also increases the ability of companies to improvise and streamline processes, lower operating costs and allows them to concentrate on their core competencies. In addition, these advantages are hardly limited to large corporations; several small and medium sized companies have discovered the benefits of going lean and nimble, by enjoying state of the art services without the hassle and ongoing costs of maintaining an elaborate in-house IT support system.

Market size and anticipated Growth of the Cloud

As a market, the worldwide Cloud business is on a rapidly expanding trajectory. The results of research released by IDC in 2015 predicted that Cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow at CAGR of 15.1% from 2014 to 2019, reaching $53.1B billion by 2019 – which is projected to be 46% of the total cost of enterprise IT infrastructure at the time. A rapid expansion of SaaS and PaaS aspects, in particular, is projected by most analysts over the next decade, driving a sea change in business models that is set to recalibrate best practices and refashion the business environment. UAE has long been acknowledged as the innovation and early adoption hub of the Middle East and specifically Dubai’s Cloud Hosting Services Providers, and businesses alike, have displayed an enthusiasm for Cloud Hosting solutions in keeping with that status.

Operational and competitive advantages

IT services, and the technologies that drive them, are inherently given to disruptive change – at an increasingly breakneck pace. No longer can an enterprise rely on a technology it has invested in to continue to provide a competitive advantage, over a long enough duration that allows for a return on investment compliant with their business model. In a globally integrated business environment, UAE based businesses cannot afford to surrender such a multi-faceted and wide ranging set of advantages to their competition. As in the rest of the world, Dubai is at the forefront of embracing Cloud Hosting Services that allow enterprises to delegate the challenges of maintaining IT services at best in class levels in the hands of experts, essentially freeing up time and resources to concentrate on their core business.

An opportunity to redefine and recalibrate business strategy

Small businesses in UAE incorporating Cloud Hosting Services stand to gain many of the advantages that were only available to larger entities in the past, while experiencing several benefits in the standards of the service. For instance, security risks, sensitive data and upgrades are inherently minimized along with downtime and disruptions. With the increasing maturity in Cloud infrastructure, Cloud Hosting Service Providers in the UAE are offering small businesses an opportunity to bridge the gap in operational advantages previously only available to large corporations. In turn, larger enterprises are driven by the additional competition to opt for similar solutions as well. However, the benefits of the Cloud IT approach are not restricted to cost savings alone. In a world that has embraced change as a catalyst like never before in human history, Cloud Computing is providing businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to be enhanced by the state of the art, best in class services, giving wings to innovation, flexibility of operations and connectivity across domains and platforms that is unprecedented.

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