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Network Security segment in the region is growing! Here’s why…

The tremendously rising use of mobile devices and the growing demand for integrated data security services are some of the major factors that are fuelling the growth of the regional network security market. In addition, a significant rise in the regulatory compliance requirements is also an important factor contributing to the growth of the overall network security market. Also, the growing popularity of Software-as-a-Service-based network security solutions is considered as a major factor encouraging the growth of the overall market.

Trends driving channel partners to get involved in the Network Security sector

As UAE’s leading Managed Services Provider, we see a considerable increase in the outsourcing of network security and data security services. This has seen an upward trend and will continue to do so with the increasing number of entities now moving towards the Internet of Things (IoT) which demands the use of intelligent devices. Any compromise of the new networks that connect these devices will have a severe impact on the functioning of physical surroundings. Yet another trend that is driving channel partners to strengthen the network and data security services is the awareness and uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this case too, while it has considerable number of benefits, the complexity of the foundations of the network are also the target for malicious threats. We are also witnessing an increase in budget allocations for network security.

Network Security services being offered via the Cloud

There is a now a migration by enterprise, SMBs as well as SOHO sectors from physical hardware security to strengthening their Cloud and Virtualized networks. This market is growing rapidly where entities are looking at capitalizing on the quick, precise and real time automated tools to monitor, as well as create a strong approach to mitigate threats and protect the IT infrastructure.

The Cloud security services vary from Identity and Access management, data loss prevention, intrusion management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), email and web security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, etc. Cloud based network and data security helps to access, monitor and protect the network along with the physical hardware. These Cloud services have been growing rapidly due to the numerous benefits they bring along and the help in circumventing security threats at different levels.

Today, almost all UAE cyber security services are now being offered via the Cloud due to an explosion of Cloud/SaaS services. These Cloud security services are geared to protect assets and information of enterprises (both big and small) in the Cloud. Traditional data security services (non-cloud) no longer provide appropriate visibility, and as the need for visibility and security for Cloud services has increased, Managed Security Services Providers are now adopting to this new requirement.

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