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How To Overcome Cloud Computing Apprehensions?

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology in the IT sector and it has helped many organizations improve their IT infrastructure. The significant cost savings and efficiencies of cloud computing are compelling companies to migrate to the cloud. However, new technologies always come with its concerns and apprehensions. Most businesses often cite security as a key inhibitor to the adoption of cloud computing.

For all organizations, security of their critical data is very important as their entire business depends on ‘Information’. So, how do we overcome cloud security apprehensions?

This can be addressed by implementing proper security controls and mechanisms. Your cloud provider needs to have stringent controls and processes to ensure cloud security. They need to be equipped to tackle the growing security challenges. A well designed architecture and operational security planning will enable organizations to effectively manage the risks of cloud computing. They need to ensure that cloud service providers are implementing appropriate security measures, so a good due diligence is a must.

When it comes to data security, organizations need to define the security policies and similar solutions as physical or dedicated server hosting can be applied in the cloud to meet the levels prescribed. Organizations can also consider a hybrid solution to secure critical data. By using cloud-monitoring tools, IT managers can achieve greater visibility into the network to minimize risk.

One can easily overcome the barriers by defining detailed requirements of the customer, educating the employees on the ease and tools of cloud adoption, and reducing the IT overheads to make room for the initial investment of cloud.

For example, eHDF designs effective, tailor-made cloud solutions that minimize risks and concerns. Our online performance reports and state-of-the-art security features address customer concerns and deliver the best cloud services in the region.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014 ehdf

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