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Features of a Good Managed Cloud Services Provider

A good Cloud Service Provider adheres to varying customer needs whilst giving them a customizable option to pick and choose the services they want.

Technical Expertise: The most important feature of a cloud service provider is technical competency in order to provide the right cloud platform and the right amount of security for data which will let you run your business smoothly and securely. Technical know-how is extremely important as cloud computing is not just about leasing a server and if correctly leveraged it provides immense benefits for a business.

Flexibility: A good managed cloud service provider should be flexible in its approach. This flexibility should be reflected in the way the cloud packages are tailored as well as the way in which scalability is managed in times of heavy/low demand. As cloud computing allows scalability on demand and a pay as you go model, the service provider should allow increasing/decreasing of computing resources on a pay as you go basis.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Most cloud service providers charge on a pay as you go/subscription model and the user is billed based on the usage. This helps to control costs and keep track of the expenses. Transparency of costs helps a company evaluate their expenditure and plan for the future.

Quality of Services: The quality of services provided by a cloud service provider is a very important factor. This can be judged on the basis of security, responsiveness of the team, round the clock support and availability and performance.

All of the above mentioned points are key features of a good cloud service provider. In Summary, an organization must consider the following before selecting their cloud provider:

• Technical Expertise
• Flexibility
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Quality of Services

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