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Managed Services Market growth in Middle East Set To Rise

According to a recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan, the Managed Services Market growth within the Gulf Cooperation Council states is set to expand from USD 1,073 million in 2012 to USD 3,112 million by 2018 year end.

The GCC states have been proactive in their efforts to develop better information and communications technology (ICT). Infrastructure development programmes have focused on transforming these countries into knowledge-based societies.

Drivers for growth
In today’s business environment, organizations need to adopt new technologies in order to expand their operations and improve productivity and customer experience. Even small to mid-size organizations will not be able to function, let alone scale-up their businesses without a strong IT infrastructure to support their growth. Many companies do not have the required resources to support a dedicated in-house IT team. Faced with mounting costs and an increasingly complex IT environment to manage, organizations in the Middle East are now more than ever looking at Managed Services as an alternative to manage and expand their IT infrastructures.

A few challenges
While managed services are a viable option to keep the IT infrastructure up and running, it finds a lot of resistance from teams within organizations for fear of job losses. Many companies are also skeptical of losing control of their IT infrastructure and conscious of the security of their data which is another stumbling block when it comes to outsourcing their IT needs to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

However, despite the challenges, Managed Services market is seeing a strong growth in the region. According to another report, Frost & Sullivan has indicated that the UAE managed services market would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 per cent for five years. This holds true, as we have seen a huge uptake for managed services by both enterprises and SMEs in the last few years.

What we offer?
eHDF, along with Netcure provides end-to-end Managed Security Services which include-

Security Log Collection & Management
Real Time Security Monitoring
Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing
Incident Management & Response
Advanced Threat Protection
Managed Web Application Firewall
Web Defacement Protection
End point Security Management
File Integrity Monitoring
Social Media Tracking
Mobile Application Tracking
Data Base Security Management
Privileged Account Management
Security Hardware Management
Server Hardening
Managed Data Loss Prevention
Database Security
Managed Network Access Control
Identity and Access Management
Remote Managed Services

Bringing these offerings together in a Managed Service allows customers to select the services or “Security Controls” based on their risks. As these services are delivered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), customers can measure the effectiveness of the services and see quantifiable reduction in risks and costs.

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