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Why Are Organizations Turning To MSSPs?

Why are organizations turning to MSSPs?

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. Organizations of varying sizes are relying on MSSPs to prevent potentially devastating cyber-attacks. Furthermore, leaning on the digital security professionals for assistance reduces the workload burden on in-house IT personnel and help with cyber-security challenges.

Organizations opt to work with MSSPs for a number of reasons. Some are concerned that their in-house tech team resources are insufficient. Others lack the relevant expertise provided by the security professionals at MSSPs. In some instances, companies hire MSSPs to perform comprehensive security audits or respond to particularly challenging incidents.

Above all, MSSPs provide clients with access to a group of experienced experts who understand the subtleties of legitimate data protection. MSSPs operate with an interface that allows for consistent communication with clients and the immediate transmission of important information.

Is there a demand for CISO-as-a-service in the region?

Larger organizations are better organized to tackle their security needs. However, what we see is that mid and small sized companies are now also being targeted by cyber criminals in larger numbers. Across business verticals, the implications of cyber threats are now ensuring that they take a more proactive approach to their security stance. The level of skills, advanced technology, time and effort to face these challenges has given way to more organizations outsourcing their CISO functions. This service can help tackle their security objectives and strategy, providing security guidance, managing the implementations and threat prevention, tackling Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Risk and Corporate Governance planning as well as regularly assessing their security posture.

What should users look for while evaluating an MSSP?

It is important that organizations assess various Managed Security Service Providers before settling with their preferred choice. Some of the criteria that companies must evaluate the MSSPs would centre around, domain experience, understanding the customer’s business model, the MSSP’s 360 degree approach to security along with regular updates, disaster recovery, back-up and business continuity aspects. It is also important that the MSSP showcases their skill set as well as training and industry compliance and certifications.

To ensure that there is a clear demarcation of expectations and deliverables, companies must look for well-rounded service-level-agreements which highlights the services and implementations. It will also need to include the processes and systems that will be put into place for daily work requirements. Given budgets allocations, organizations must be able to understand the flexibility provided by the MSSPs depending on usage patterns as well as the provision of 24×7 security monitoring and management.

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