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Why Start-ups Need Cloud Computing?

When used effectively, Cloud Computing delivers competitive advantage to businesses and can take any organization to the next level of computing.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Cloud Computing for start-ups:

1.Reduced CAPEX: Previously, start-ups would spend a huge amount of money in purchasing servers, hardware devices, software licenses, monitoring and management tools and other IT equipment. The Cloud eliminates these up-front costs, opening up the possibility for start-ups to have more capital to achieve their business goals.

2.Faster time to market: Instead of purchasing IT equipment and spending weeks or months to procure and deploy it, start-ups can use the Cloud to get up and running much faster.

3.Scalability: Most Cloud service providers offer flexible buying options, allowing start-ups to scale up and down as needed. So Cloud Computing offers flexibility and immediate deployment of the capacity you need, with the option to scale the capacity as business grows.

4.Proactive IT support: Usually, start-ups have small IT teams and do not necessarily have the time or capacity to monitor and manage IT infrastructure in-house. It is also expensive and time consuming. A Cloud services provider assures round-the-clock access to an expert IT support team. They also ensure that your servers are performing at high speed and at all times, and any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

5.Security: Security of the IT infrastructure and organization data are top priorities for every business. A services provider has the necessary security infrastructure in place to ensure that your IT assets and data are in safe hands.

In essence, the Cloud empowers you to setup your business faster, expand your business, compete better in the market and drive efficiencies and productivity — all at a lower cost.

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