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Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Government Sector

Today, cloud computing is transforming the way business is done across verticals and government organizations have also begun to capitalize on this trend. Cloud offers government organizations several benefits right from cost savings to operational efficiency, flexibility as well as better collaboration between various government departments. It also gives them the flexibility to deploy the latest services with increased agility.

We highlight the top benefits of cloud computing for the government sector.

Financial Benefits

The most alluring benefit of cloud is its ability to reduce expenditure on IT systems. The need to invest in servers, networking equipment, storage resources and software is mitigated by the shift to a utility based model offered by the cloud. So rather than requiring significant upfront CAPEX investment, expenditure becomes OPEX.

Cloud, being a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service, offers government entities immediate as well as long term cost-savings and frees up government funds for other purposes. While moving to the cloud, the government organization not only saves on upfront costs involved in buying IT equipment, but also on its depreciation over time.

Also, when computing systems and applications are moved from on premise to a cloud services provider, government organizations are able to save on power and energy consumption, and on the costs associated with them. Moreover, the organization will no longer need systems management and maintenance staff.

All this results in overall reduction in expenditure on IT infrastructure, operations and resources. The potential savings allow governments to allocate funds to more citizen-facing and service activities.

Security Benefits

Even though cloud security is a major concern for government organizations, the technology is being touted as the best delivery model in times of trouble. By enabling the decentralization of critical computer functions, data storage and applications, cloud computing helps the government organization withstand the damage in the event of a disaster by preventing any data being lost, damaged or outraged and also helps in the recovery process later.

Development and Innovation Benefits

Cloud enables government departments to become more innovative in their internal projects as they are able to make the most of the latest technologies. Also, working with a cloud services provider ensures that the systems are up to date with the newest technologies and solutions in the market, allowing the government entity to focus on its core business and operations.

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