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Managed Security Services - The Answer to Growing Cyber Threats

The threat landscape in the Middle East is rapidly evolving in sync with the increasing sophistication of cybercrimes across the globe. In fact, cybercrime has become a heavily globalized industry, with many attacks happening across borders via the internet. Hacker operations globally have become much organised and malicious actors seek to access the most valuable and sensitive information of organisations mainly in the financial services, energy and healthcare sectors.

With cyber threats becoming sophisticated, security standards even more complex and IT budgets shrinking further, organisations are forced to look for cost-effective and efficient solutions that provide round-the-clock security, and Managed Security Services perfectly fits the bill.

In fact, Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) today are developing solutions to incorporate advanced analytics and more powerful tools for detecting, investigating, and managing increasingly dynamic threats across an expanding range of attack vectors. MSSPs have better insights into security threats and they are trusted by their customers to protect mission-critical data and systems. MSSPs ensure that they take their customers’ IT security very seriously and maintain internal policies and processes with the highest security standards.

Does your organization need Managed Security Services?

Here are some questions that will help you determine if Managed Security Services would be a good fit for your organization:

Q1. Is it challenging to find and retain qualified IT security professionals?

Q2. Are you happy with your current IT security setup?

Q3. Are you always up-to-date with the ever changing threat landscape?

Q4. Is it time consuming to manage and maintain your current IT security setup?

If your answer to these is a ‘YES’, it is definitely time to consider Managed Security Services. The results achieved by engaging with a competent MSSP will yield tremendous benefits as follows:

Latest security solutions – MSSPs deploy advanced solutions and analytics as well as more powerful tools for detecting, investigating, and managing increasingly dynamic threats across an expanding range of attack vectors.

Reduced costs –A MSSP will be able to maintain the latest security solutions where the cost of deploying these will be spread over multiple customers. The organization will be able to scale upwards or downwards depending on budgets.

Security Resources – A shortage of qualified information security personnel puts tremendous pressure on IT departments to recruit, train, compensate, and retain critical staff. With Managed Security Services, the costs to hire, train, and retain highly skilled staff becomes the MSSP’s responsibility. A MSSP usually has well-trained security resources to serve customers.

Facilities – MSSPs have data centres with state-of-the-art infrastructure and managed by highly trained personnel.

Security Awareness – It is difficult for an organization to track and address all potential threats and vulnerabilities as well as attack patterns. A services provider is often able to obtain advance warning of new vulnerabilities and gain early access to information as they are responsible for maintaining several clients’ infrastructure secured at all times.

Round-the-clock Service – 24/7 monitoring and management by the Security Operations Center (SOC) allows customers to focus on what they do best—their core business.

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