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Important Criteria For Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider

The threat landscape in the Middle East is rapidly evolving in sync with the increasing sophistication of cybercrime across the globe. In fact, Cybercrime has become a heavily globalized industry, with many attacks happening across borders via the internet. Hacker operations globally have become very organised and sophisticated and malicious actors seek to access the most valuable and sensitive information of organisations mainly in the financial services, energy and healthcare sectors. In fact, organizations are turning to IT services providers as continuously upgrading their IT security solutions is expensive and finding the right cybersecurity skills is a huge challenge.

Enterprises in high-risk industries like financial services and energy are beginning to transition away from in-house security solutions and towards Managed Security Services as they realize both the difficulties of building and maintaining internal solutions and the inadequacy of these solutions for keeping up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

At-risk organizations need more robust and proactive security controls that can go beyond log collection and event correlation to apply advanced security measures. Responding to known threats is not enough. At the same time, IT Security can’t be a fit it and forget it solution. The paradigms of what is safe and what is not changes every day, so organizations must formulate a foundation of security practices and then upgrade it all the time.

Enterprises are beginning to migrate to these top-level managed security services. This transition will accelerate over the course of the year, preparing the overall market to shift towards next-generation solutions within the next few years.

Selecting the right MSSP

To be a competent and stand out from competitors, an MSSP should have the following:

  • Advanced security solutions – Many businesses still believe that traditional technologies like anti-virus and firewalls are the smartest security investment they can make. The fact is, attackers and malware have found ways to easily evade these controls, which is why you should partner with an MSSP that offers high-value security solutions, such as anti-malware, ATP, DLP, SIEM, DDoS, etc.
  • Expertise- A competent MSSP must have skilled and renowned security and compliance experts, researchers and incident responders.
  • Threat intelligence and management- A good MSSPs should be able to offer round-the-clock coverage that follows the threats, and can help ensure security events and incidents are immediately discovered and dealt with.
  • Adherence to commitments- MSSPs that have a proven track record in delivering on their commitments and obligations make for a much more satisfying customer experience.
  • Customer support- Responsiveness, communication and speed and 24/7 SOC services are some of the qualities of a good MSSP.

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