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Implementing Strong Network Security – Top Tips for SMEs

Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are still convinced that a firewall, antivirus and anti-spam software are enough to protect their networks. With cyber-crime on the increase, it is imperative that organizations are aware of the security threats that they face on a daily basis.

It is important for SMEs to understand the extent to which security breaches can impair the operations and growth of their business. While they intent to have security strategies in place, they are often pushed to the back burner to tackle other pressing priorities. Budgetary constraints are a further hindrance to implement a strong network security system.

Rising threats, increasing regulations and the lack of internal resources are driving SMEs to focus on securing their assets by outsourcing their needs to a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). They can opt for IPS, FW, Anti-Malware, Patching & Remediation, Vulnerability Management, etc. These services offer cutting-edge solutions and are implemented and maintained by a team of dedicated experts to better safeguard networks.

Here are some tips to protect an SME network from a security breach

1.Implement and enforce Information Security policy for the organization

2.Provide regular Information Security awareness trainings to educate your employees

3.Ensure sensitive data is properly encrypted along with regular back-up of all data

4.Monitor inbound and outbound traffic to detect unusual activity within the network

5.Outsource network security to a third party vendor

SMEs should work with trusted services provider to disaster proof data and IT systems. This will not only ensure high availability of the companies’ data and IT infrastructure, but will also let them focus on core business activities.

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