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How Cloud Drives Innovation In Business?

Cloud has changed both business and everyday life—from consumers who use it to access their favorite music to companies that use it to access their business data and applications. Cloud has emerged as the IT game-changer and its adoption is seen to drive business innovation. Here’s how:

1.Collaboration across the organization – According to a market survey, 71% of the leading companies are most likely to use cloud to collaborate across the organization and share knowledge and expertise. In other words, cloud enables connections.

2.Cloud helps in integration and application of mobile technologies – Needless to say, mobile has hugely impacted both customers and employees. Cloud helps companies integrate various mobile apps into their current system and provides flexible infrastructure that these new apps require.

3.Cloud helps in Product and Service Innovation – Better communication and collaboration via the cloud has led to faster development of new services and products.

4.Cloud improves integration between IT development and operations – Cloud breaks the barriers between development and operations teams. This means that companies can design, test and deploy new capabilities faster.

5.Cloud reinvents customer relationships – Cloud has made it possible for companies to interact with customers in a better way, dig through big data to understand customer preferences and deliver better offers, products and services.

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