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Hosted Apps Benefit Business – Some Compelling Reasons

With cloud computing being one of the hottest IT trends of 2015, many organizations have begun to look at the practicality of using cloud-based or hosted applications.

We explore some of the most compelling benefits that hosted apps offer:

Cost Effectiveness

The costs incurred in provisioning and maintaining IT infrastructure can be huge, affecting bottom-line profits. By outsourcing application hosting to a managed cloud services provider, capital investments on hardware and software as well as ongoing expenditure on security, backup and server maintenance and management becomes the responsibility of the service provider.

Reliability and Support

IT teams of end user organizations can rely on constant support from the managed hosting services provider and can benefit from not having to spend time in maintaining and managing their IT infrastructure. This includes managing hardware and software, managing multiple vendor contracts and licensing agreements, etc. Also, new updates are installed centrally, eliminating the need for expensive roll outs. With 24/7 support from the service provider’s help desk team, organisations can ensure that they have full support round-the-clock and even during non-working hours.


In the current dynamic business scenario, there is no way that applications can be office-centric. The acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and enhanced mobility in business environments is increasing the uptake of the cloud as important applications can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Quite often, employees intend to use their own PCs and hand-held devices and in the absence of a comprehensive organizational security policy, it is safer to host applications with a reputed managed hosting services provider.

Enhanced User Experience

Hosting service providers offer high user experience levels rarely available in internal deployments. Hosting your applications with external service providers also means better connectivity, redundant power and cooling, environment control, flexibility, advanced security, 24X7 support and guaranteed Service Level Agreements.

In essence, hosting your applications externally not only takes away a large chunk of burden away from you, but your data is managed by IT experts, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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