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Does your Enterprise need Managed IT Security?

To begin with, let’s understand what Managed IT Security means

Cyber threats are on the rise and growing in complexity. Meanwhile, the economy is forcing organizations to drive down their operational costs while still maintaining a proactive security setup. It is in this scenario that Managed IT Security gains importance. It simply means outsourcing some or all of your organization’s security operations to a services provider. Managed Security Service Providers handle your servers and data security at an off-site data centre.

Here are some questions that will help you determine if Managed IT Security services would be a good fit for your organization:

Q1. Is it challenging to find and retain qualified IT security professionals?

Q2. Are you happy with your current IT security setup?

Q3. Are you always up-to-date with the ever changing threat landscape?

Q4. Is it time consuming to manage and maintain your current IT security setup?

If your answer to these is a ‘YES’, it is definitely time to consider Managed IT Security services. The results achieved by engaging with a competent services provider will yield tremendous benefits.

Some benefits:

1.Cost Reduction: The costs to hire, train, and retain highly skilled IT security staff becomes a service provider’s responsibility

2.Access to Skilled Resources: With a service provider, the security resources are highly competent as they observe and resolve security impacts across several clients, and work on security solutions with broader applicability

3.Round-the-clock surveillance: 24/7 monitoring and management by the Security Operations Center (SOC) allows customers to focus on what they do best—their core business

4.Higher Security Awareness: It is difficult for an organization to track and address all potential threats and vulnerabilities as well as attack patterns. A services provider is often able to obtain advance warning of new vulnerabilities and gain early access to information as they are responsible for maintaining several clients’ infrastructure secured at all times.

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