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Are Your Service Level Agreements In Sync With Your Business Needs?

Reliance on IT infrastructure has only increased with time. The need for critical business applications to be available around the clock is necessary today! And this makes an organizations expectations from IT teams increase manifold!

This is where Service Level Agreements help!

A Service Level Agreement is a critical contract between an organization and its IT team or Managed Services Provider to adhere to. It pulls together very important information on all of the contracted services and their agreed-upon expected reliability. It clearly states metrics, responsibilities and expectations so in the event of issues with the service, the IT team cannot plead ignorance.

2 ways your Service Level Agreements are stifling you!

100% Availability

Nothing is perfect and outages are inevitable. 100% availability of IT infrastructure is only a dream. So if the service can’t be available all of the time, your IT team or Managed Services Provider is bound to be liable when something goes wrong. Guaranteeing 100% availability is practically impossible.

Penalty based SLAs

Your IT team or Managed Services Provider can deliver several services to you. One of these services is a critical part of your business and has a heavy penalty should the service fall below a defined threshold. The other, less important services have lesser degrees of penalty. You obviously want best efforts on the critical service, but does the Service Level Agreement specify this?

Most Service Level Agreements aren’t worth the paper they are written on!

If there’s no credit or penalty associated with a Service Level Agreement, the purpose is defeated. eHDF is the only Managed Services Provider in the UAE to offer credit based Service Level Agreements. So if we don’t adhere to them or meet your expectations, we provider credit on the service offered to customers.

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