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3 Ways to Determine if Your Company Needs Business Continuity Seats

While planning for disaster recovery, most organizations keep majority of their focus on IT infrastructure — keeping IT systems running and data intact. However, a very critical aspect of the company is often ignored— people. What happens if one, or all of a company’s office locations become inaccessible? Or if travel to an office location is inaccessible? Are key employees prepared to work from home at short notice? Relocating people and operations is a very important aspect for a business to get up and running again after a disruption.

Third party business continuity seats offer a great solution. They provide ready to move in office space at a secure location. This gives companies a place for their employees to work, even during a disaster.

Not sure if your organization could benefit from this? Here are 3 ways to determine if your company needs business continuity seats:

1) Does your office have power back up and multiple network connections?
Is your office equipped with reliable power back up systems? Can your employees continue to work as usual in case of a power disruption caused by storms or an earthquake? If not, your office is definitely unusable during these disruptions. Similarly, if you do not have multiple Internet connections, and your primary connection goes down, are your employees able to remain productive?

2) Can your employees work from home in case the office building becomes inaccessible?
Working from home is not a big issue if technology like VPN, high speed internet and access to remote systems is in place. However, do you have a plan to cope with office building becoming inaccessible? Are all the necessary IT connections in place so that your employee can work from home and access critical IT systems?

3) Can you afford to cease business operations in case of a disaster?
If disaster strikes, can you cease business operations for a few days or a few weeks? While some organizations can afford this and still remain intact, there are many that cannot afford to be out of service for one day or less.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, business continuity seats is worth looking at for your business. Most service providers offer different options ranging from shared seats to dedicated private suites.

At eHDF, Business continuity seats are fully equipped, business ready, comfortable and secure, and incorporate features such as shared / dedicated options, connectivity with our Universal Data Centre, MPLS connectivity, LAN environment, and 24×7 Service Desk (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management). Basic workplace continuity services such as dedicated telephone lines and billing, access cards / biometric access, meeting rooms, printer/copier/fax and car parking space are also provided.

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