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10 Responsibilities to Delegate to Your Managed Hosting Provider

Working with a Managed Hosting provider translates into better business performance and optimal IT service delivery, access to a wider range of more advanced IT features and services, highly specialized talent, and latest technologies.

When you entrust responsibilities on your Managed Hosting provider, make sure to delegate the following:

1. Server Monitoring: A Managed Hosting provider should be able to free up your IT staff from countless hours spent in scanning event logs, tracking down problems and handling other server-monitoring tasks.

2. Software Installation: If your company requires a software platform or an application, it is best to tell your service provider to take care of the installation, testing and debugging.

3. Software Updates: Your service provider should also be able to keep your software updated at all times, relieving you from the worry of doing so.

4. Hardware Acquisitions: Thinking to expand your web operations? Simply tell your service provider to expand the contract and deploy new hardware.

5. Hardware Repair: As the server is owned by the service provider and located at their office premises, you do not have to worry about hardware replacement or repair.

6. Employee Training: You do not have to train your employees on tasks that are being taken care of by the service provider.

7. Data Backups: Since your company’s data is stored on the servers of a service provider, it becomes their responsibility to take regular back-ups and maintain data integrity.

8. Physical Security: Since all the servers and hardware exist in the service provider’s data center, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that the equipment is always protected.

9. Disaster Recovery: If a disaster strikes, your company’s web operations — which are hosted off-site — will continue to run as normal.

10. 24/7 Support: Your service provider can offer 24/7 support for your web applications making sure they are always up and running.

Managed Hosting has given businesses a new life where the latter can concentrate on core business activities and not fret about IT infrastructure requirements.

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