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Importance of IT Infrastructure in Supporting Digital Transformation

As we move into software enabled ecosystems supporting fast moving digital transformation, the need for robust operational planning could not be more important.

– Intelligent Tech Channels

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Securing the Cloud

Cloud adoption in the region is presently at a nascent stage, but steadily on the rise. Organizations in the Middle East are rapidly adopting cloud...

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Challenges of Adapting a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing has been a transformational force in the IT industry. Several of the most recent innovations driving growth and innovative business models...

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Managed Security Services Gain Hold

Businesses turn to providers of Managed Security Services (MSS) to alleviate the daily pressures they face related to information security, such as targeted...

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Centre of Attention

Data centre outages are no trivial matter or inconsequential irritant in today’s world. In fact, numerous real world examples of recent times reveal just how...

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