Wednesday, 22 January 2014 ehdf

6 Myths Of Virtualization, Busted

Myth 1: “Virtualization is investment intensive.”

Myth buster: Virtualization reduces the amount of hardware so it is actually cost effective and helps reduce your cost.

Myth 2: “It is going to be a time-consuming process to setup virtualization.”

Myth buster: With virtualization, services can be deployed faster than physical hardware. So it actually leads to faster deployment of resources.

Myth 3: “Virtualization will reduce availability and threaten business continuity.”

Myth buster: A survey showed that the quality of the services improved nearly 60% compared to before virtualization. With virtualization, you are most likely to achieve less down time, fewer unplanned outages and better disaster recovery.

Myth 4: “Virtualization will slow the performance of my apps.”

Myth buster: Chances are, virtualizing your apps will significantly improve their performance. It is also very likely that you will achieve faster deployment and provisioning of your apps.

Myth 5: “I am not sure if virtualization can aid in business continuity.”

Myth buster: In virtualization, when the network fails, the users can still operate locally and can back up their data after the network is up. Failure of one user does not impact the entire ecosystem, but that user only. Even in an unfortunate incident of a disruption, all the data can be easily recovered with easier snapshots of virtual machines.

Myth 6: “Investment in virtualization doesn’t ensure ROI?”

Myth buster: Since the setup and infrastructural cost is considerably lower, enterprises tend to quickly achieve ROI in terms of tangible as well as non-tangible value. It is faster, more secure and seamless.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 ehdf

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Sunday, 25 August 2013 ehdf

The Virtual Reality

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