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Security - Your Biggest Challenge in the Cloud

While the benefits of migrating to the Cloud in terms of reducing operating costs and technology complexity have been well documented, redrawing an organization’s security policy in preparation is a more drawn out exercise.

– The Integrator

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Five Minutes

What is your current role in the ICT industry in the Middle East and what are your responsibilities? As eHDF’s CEO, one of my main responsibilities is to...

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SMEs to Drive Regional Managed Security Services

In today’s business environment, organisations need to adopt new technologies in order to expand their operations and improve productivity and customer...

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Managed Security Services Prepare for Next Level

With the increasing use of cloud services in the Middle East and globally, there is a growing focus on the security aspects of IT infrastructure. The threat...

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Managed Security Practice

As organisations are increasing turning to managed security services providers (MSSPs) to alleviate the daily pressures they face related to information...

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