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Local Storage

The Banking and Health sectors in the UAE are regionally superior in terms of local storage of customer data as a result of the country’s leadership in regulating the storage of data in these sectors, said Yasser Zeineldin, CEO of eHosting DataFort. He added that the storage of important data for Government agencies, Banks and Health facilities in the UAE is a sovereign right of the UAE to ensure the insurance of citizens and residents data in accordance with a mechanism to ensure immunization. He pointed out that the vast majority of banks and a large number of health facilities were applying these rules before issuing them to ensure the data of their clients.

He added that once binding controls had been established to store banking and health data for customers within the country’s borders, the ratio of enterprises’ compliance in the two sectors was large. The technical sector was also quick to provide additional storage capacity by developing Data Centers in the UAE to accommodate the demand for reconciliation.

The Government’s organization of the data storage mechanism has contributed to the increase in the demand for local Data Centers and has increased the volume of private sector investments in the development of Data Centers, which for a long time has been limited to a limited number of Government companies. He added that eHosting DataFort is focused on ensuring the security of its services by providing advanced survey and risk management for large organizations and equipping teams of professionals and skilled experts to provide short- and long-term security strategies, supported by the large investments it pumps to keep pace with the threat environment.

– Al Ittihad

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