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The Rise of the MSSPs

There are a number of factors driving the growth of the managed security services market – not least the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape. But what are customers looking for in an MSSP? And why should they consider adopting this approach to manage their cybersecurity requirements? Industry experts at Gartner, eHosting DataFort and Help AG offer their insights to give the channel a better understanding of customer requirements and expectations.

– Intelligent Tech Channels

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Multi-Cloud Unlocking The Reality

As organizations undergo digital transformation and continue to increase their cloud consumption, many companies are finding that a ‘multi-cloud’ approach is...

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Driving Innovation By Aligning Cloud And Business

The role of cloud as an IT and business tool is now more than a decade old. Globally, IT departments are migrating their business applications from...

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What are the factors that determine the locations of Data Centres?

Data is critical to every organisation and there is a worldwide increase of data centre facilities and usage. The location of a data centre is as important...

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Securing the Data Centre

The increasing use of Big Data and the onset of the Internet of Things has only added to the intensity of the need to prioritise cybersecurity within data...

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