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Corent Technology and eHosting DataFort announce Partnership

Migration as a Service platform, enables rapid data center and software application migration and optimization to the target cloud

Corent Technology, a leader in cloud migration, and modernization technologies, and eHosting Datafort (eHDF), one of the leading Hosting Providers of Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Hosting and Security Services in the Gulf region, jointly announced today the signing of a cooperation agreement.

Corent platform SurPaaS MaaS™ is a fully integrated platform that allows System Integrators and Managed Service Providers to rapidly analyze, plan, optimize, and migrate their customers’ enterprise applications into the target cloud. The target estate can be Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Softlayer, Oracle CI or even a hosted data center, such as eHDF.

The power of the platform lies in the fact that it can automatically analyze,” Cloudify”, “PaaSify” and, if desired, “SaaSify” practically any software application without programming. This enables organizations to manage and execute their migration journey to the cloud in a cost effective, accelerated and optimized way, inline with their own desired business roadmap

“We are excited to start this partnership with eHDF as it enables both eHDF and it’s customers to capitalize on their Cloud Ambition by guiding and migrating customer IT assets to the Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environments .” said Feyzi Fatehi , CEO Corent Technology. “Adoption of cloud is increasing rapidly in the Gulf region as enterprises realize the business benefits of better agility and a reduced datacenter footprint.”

Yasser Zeineldin, CEO of eHDF, stated: “At eHDF, we realize that there is no one size fits all when it comes to IT and that customer workloads can be best suited for either on premise, private cloud or public cloud, and/or a combination of all. It all depends on the workload. Our mission is to help our clients manage and secure their IT workloads no matter where such workloads reisde. To deliver on that mission, we work closely with our customers and partner ecosystem in the assessment of their workloads, and getting the customer safely and cost effectively to their desired destination.In our CloudBurg services platform, integrated with Corent SurPaaS MaaS™, we are leveraging this power to help customers in their cloud journey.

Corent Technology, with it built-in integration with public cloud native migration tools, is considered a leader in Cloud Migration, Modernization and SaaSification technologies with numerous successful stories and best practices to present around the globe and in 2018 named among the Top 10 Cloud Technology Solution Providers By XplorexIT Magazine.

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