Service Level Targets


eHDF will assign a Severity Level to each Service Ticket in accordance with the definitions given herein. eHDF will notify the Client of such assignment, and will consider any request by the Client to change a Severity Level in good faith. The Severity Level assigned will determine the response level to each reported incident as follows:

Level Definition Response Target (Within) Resolution Target (Within)
“1” “Severity 1” means an occurrence event that has a critical business impact. The Service is not useable. 1 hour 4 hours
“2” “Severity 2” means an occurrence that has a major business impact. The Service is available but important function(s) are not useable. 2 hours 8 hours
“3” “Severity 3” means an occurrence that has a minor business impact. The Service is not seriously affected but not functioning as intended, but may have degradation in performance. 4 hours 1 day
“4” “Severity 4” means an occurrence that has negligible business impact. The Service is functioning as intended but may have degradation in performance or availability to redundancy. 8 hours 2 days

  1. Emergency Change
    Emergency Change is any change that is required to be done to the eHDF Shared services / Infrastructure that would, if not done in a swift and timely manner, may cause a negative impact to customers. The objective in the event of emergency changes is to restore service. If an emergency change is required, eHDF may implement the change without The Client’s prior agreement. In this instance, the Service Manager will inform the Client of all details after the change action. eHDF shall be entitled to assume that the Authorized Representative has the authority to sign off against the charges quoted (if any). If the Client requests an emergency change, the Client must accept and authorize the risk associated with no assessment or any approval phase. Emergency changes.

  2. Maintenance
    As part of the Ongoing Service eHDF will conduct and co-ordinate the following types of maintenance:

  3. Adaptive Maintenance
    Is performed for service enhancements and increased performance and would be conducted after prior notice from The Client. This may include additional cost for the following tasks:

    • Patch upgrades and configuration changes of assets
    • Hardware and software upgrades
    • Configuration

  4. Preventive Maintenance
    Is performed on a monthly basis (as scheduled) or as necessary and will be agreed in advance with the Client. This may include the following tasks:

    • Cleaning and maintaining the infrastructure
    • Checking of all functional and interconnecting equipment modules
    • Performing updating tasks
    • Installing updated patches and signatures

  5. Maintenance Windows
    eHDF reserves the following periods of time for maintenance activities. Interruption to some services may be experienced during this time.

    • A Maintenance window is scheduled for Friday Mornings between the hours of 12:00-06:00am UAE Local Time
    • Where there is a risk of Service interruption, eHDF where possible, will provide 72 hours of notice with no less than 24 hours for emergency maintenance prior to scheduled maintenance window

  6. Exclusions
    EHDF will not be responsible for failure to meet the Service Level Agreement if any of the following occurs:

    • Commands initiated by the Client other than in accordance with any instructions provided by EHDF, file transfers or system administration; including remote hands activities directed by the Client;
    • Any failure, fault or outage caused by the Client and related to any of EHDF infrastructure or managed services
    • A fault or failures at Client’s sites;
    • Work directed by the Client but performed by EHDF, which is not within the normal scope of work;
    • Any actions or inactions of the Client which results in an Outage;
    • Any force majeure events;
    • The Client’s lack of availability to respond to incidents which require the Client participation for resolution. The times the Client is not available may include times that the Client has requested EHDF not to contact the Client, such as times outside normal business hours;
    • Any time, beyond the agreed timeframe and as defined in the relevant process, where EHDF is awaiting information from the Client or awaiting Client confirmation that the Service has been restored.
    • Periods of scheduled maintenance within the Maintenance Window or any emergency maintenance within the maintenance activities which will be planned, agreed and documented.
    • Any third party communications circuits or application issues.
    • Any service failure where this service is managed by EHDF and dependent on third party intervention where third part support contract is not forwarded, renewed or approved by the Client when required.
    • An outage due to ISP’s Internet Exchange.
    • Any content provided by the Client;
    • Client’s OS, application, software or hardware failures where the OS, application or software is not managed by EHDF.
    • Client’s hardware failure where the hardware is not managed by EHDF.
    • All operating systems, software and hardware will be the sole responsibility of the Client, and therefore be legally accountable for providing proof of ownership.
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