CA MENA AWS Migration

Customer Challenge

CA MENA PreSales & Services departments had challenges in-terms of having an integrated platform comprising the products from all the BU’s for showcasing the cross-BU integrations of the complete Enterprise Software Portfolio, provide access to customers for POC & also to use it as an internal lab/test bed to try & test new cross-product integrations & use cases.

CA MENA had an existing environment hosted on the Amazon cloud located in Ireland region with bare minimal infrastructure comprising of 3 VMs and multiple VMs spread across other AWS environments & on-premise systems. These environments were scattered & did not provide the capability to have an end to end integrations between cross-BU products. The Requirement was to build a new setup of Virtual Machines (Compute resources) on AWS Cloud along with migration of their existing setup from the Ireland region to AWS Bahrain Region so that CA MENA can have a unified platform with all the products on boarded & integrated as a single environment.

Competitors evaluated, before signing up with eHosting DataFort (eHDF)
CA MENA reached out to AWS direct sales & an on-premise datacenter vendor. However, they decided to work with eHDF because of their expert guidance, flexibility & the cost offered.

Solution offered by eHDF

eHDF provided Professional services to complete the build of the new environment on the AWS Cloud comprising the required set of VMs (EC2 Instances), Appliances (Custom), along with customizations specific to the customers need. The entire solution for CA Mena was deployed inside a VPC (AWS) with the security, ports, routing, subnets and relevant Cloud components. Whereas Monthly Billing services were provided via partnership with Redington.

Deployment of the solution to meet customer challenge

eHDF compiled a project plan based on the solution requirements enlisted by CA Mena. Discussions between CA Mena team and eHDF were regularly carried out prior to commencement of the project which helped to ascertain the requirements clearly and concisely.

  • Migration of existing AWS Setup comprising 3 VMs were carried out
  • Creation of new VMs (Instances) was done as agreed with CA MENA
  • Overview – Technical deployment

    Network Deployment (CIDR Block) was deployed as the primary step in accordance with the requirements gathered. Creation of EC2 Instances (VMS) followed through, post which Disk Configurations were carried out, Network Security Group configurations and routing was also done as part of the respective configuration tasks. Validation was done along with the CA MENA team to ensure that the deployed solution was in line with the customer requirements prior to handover tasks. Monitoring Configurations were done to alert CA MENA of any anomalies in their environment.

    AWS Services used as part of the solution

    No Third-Party application or solution was used. Various AWS services were used as part of solution deployment comprising of – EC2 Instances, VPC, NSG and CloudWatch.


  • Commencement – 9th September 2020
  • Project completion, hand-over and go-live – 27th September 2020
  • Signoff – 1st October 2020
  • Outcome(s)/results

    As a result of the solution offered and deployed by eHDF, the customer now has a setup located in Bahrain which is a complete setup of their application with all components. Cloud consumption services were facilitated through Redington. CA MENA is now able to reduce the efforts of creating cross-BU integrations across various environments for each demo or POC use cases. The new AWS environment has allowed the internal teams in CA MENA to build permanent product integrations & the flexibility to customize the flows/use cases with ease. It also now allows CA MENA to showcase the product capabilities end-to-end through a single environment. This results in improved sales, efficient use of time by the presales teams, reduced efforts & streamlined manageability of the environment.

    Customer Testimonial

    “I would like to extend our great appreciation to the PS Team for implementing this platform flawlessly with great dedication and in a very timely manner. We are also thankful to the team for accommodating last minute changes and deviations and working extended hours to finish the implementation on time. This project has been a great foundation for the partnership between CA MENA and eHDF, and we look forward to working with eHDF for new initiatives in the near future,” Karthik Pandurangi, Practice Manager, API Management CA Technologies (A Broadcom Company) – MENA

    Full customer case study can be provided upon request
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