Managed Hosting

Choose from our range of managed hosting solutions to meet your IT needs

eHosting DataFort offers a complete suite of Fully Managed Hosting Services from its own data centres in Dubai, UAE, providing an array of strategic, financial, and operational benefits.

The importance of an IT infrastructure, and the IT management requirements it entails, means an organizations is unable to fully focus on their core business unless they select the suitable IT management strategy. Significant Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) investments can be converted to Operating Expenditure (OPEX) by selecting managed services offered on a monthly subscription basis. Management of the entire spectrum of your hosting leads to better business performance and optimal IT service delivery. Access to a wider range of more advanced IT features and services, highly specialized talent, and the latest technologies, will add significant value to any organization.

Short video on how Managed Hosting and Managed Infrastructure Services can benefit your business.

Amongst the services provided under eHDF’s Managed Hosting Services are leased Dedicated Servers, while your IT infrastructure (server, network, hardware, operating system and applications) are monitored and managed, with added security. All vendor contracts related to maintenance, upgrades and support for Hardware and Software are managed by eHosting DataFort as a Single Point of Contact.

Apart from enterprise-class Data Centre infrastructure, Managed Hosting includes components such as:

Network Services
Server & Application Management
Server Services
Storage and Backup
Managed Security
Monitoring Services
24/7 Service Desk Support

Benefits of Managed Hosting Services

Capex vs. Opex Model

With eHDF’s Fully Managed Hosting, you can save a significant amount of investment on IT assets and staff. Also, by converting capital expenditure on hardware into monthly operational costs, you are able to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). You can do this without having to worry about the hardware becoming obsolete.

Minimizing Technology Investment

With Managed Hosting, your technology investment is minimized and you get access to the latest technologies without upfront capital investments and without having to worry about replacing obsolete hardware or compromising on efficiency by using outdated hardware.

Core Business Focus

Your staff can focus on core IT activities rather than spending time on routine activities such as backup, storage, security and monitoring.

Scalability & Faster time to Market

If your business expands and requires additional investment in IT infrastructure, upgrading it is very fast with Managed Hosting services without having to worry about hiring, buying, deploying, maintaining, etc.

Reduced downtime

Our Data Centre infrastructure is built for high availability complying with the stringent requirements of business applications. This ensures that your business experiences near-zero downtime.

eHDF 24x7 Service Desk

Our service desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, (366 on leap years!). The service desk acts as a focal point of contact between eHDF and its customers. It is not just a typical technical support helpdesk, but encompasses services much beyond, which includes (but is not limited to) processing incidents and complaints, responding to change and service requests and taking care of the entire IT services and management processes like Release Management, Configuration Management, Problem Management, and others.

Our service desk follows a very proactive approach and is incomparable to any other you may have seen. It functions as a call centre, help-desk and a service desk, making sure all tickets are resolved promptly and efficiently. Additionally, our operational support team also provides batch processing services for customers from finance verticals.

Customized Solutions

Being one of the first Managed Services providers in Dubai, our network team has thorough hands-on experience managing these technologies in all types of environments, enabling them to assist our solution design team to make the right technology choices for our customers utilizing best-in-breed technologies

Compliance & Governance

Our certifications and practices automatically extend best practices and policies to the hosted infrastructure securing the necessary compliances and standards for the customer. Compliance & Certification available for financial institutions -BASEL2 and PCI-DSS

Round-the-clock Surveillance

Round-the-clock monitoring and management allows customers to focus on what they do best, i.e. their core business.

Trained and Dedicated Professionals

We have certified and trained professionals who are experts in managing your entire IT infrastructure.

Improved Quality of Service

Our industry-leading Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) set us apart from the competition

Comprehensive Management View

When you choose us as your Managed services provider in Dubai, you can be assured of better management of your entire IT infrastructure. By monitoring your data with a single comprehensive view through centralized logging, threshold alerting, and graphical reporting, the data is transformed into actionable information. The single management console helps us monitor your IT infrastructure in a very structured way.

Enhanced Security

Round the clock onsite physical security including security guards, motion detectors and CCTV cameras keeps your critical data and applications secure. Our access control systems control entry through access cards and biometrics. Our data centres also provide individual rack cabinets with keys and combination locks that further enhance security.


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