eHDF is the leading Data Centre Colocation services provider in Dubai, UAE

Owing to diverse requirements, a range of flexible options have been made available to our clients ranging from rack cabinets to secure cages.

Rack Cabinets

Rack Cabinets service provide customers with racks within the data center to which they can re-locate their servers, networks, equipment, storage and other business-critical IT infrastructure.

Based on their requirements, customers can choose from the following options - 1/3 Rack, ½ Rack, Full Rack and upwards.

Secure Cage

Secure Cage is an enclosed, secured space with dedicated physical security and environmental control which allows for varying combinations of square footage, power, rack specifications and physical security devices. Minimum Available Secure Cage space is 100 sq-ft.

Key Features of eHDF’s Co-Location services in Dubai, UAE

  • Hosted in eHDF owned Data Centers  located in Dubai
  • Network Connectivity Services that provide access ports for dedicated infrastructure, high speed, fully redundant internet connectivity and public IP addresses
  • 24x7 Service Desk Support including a single point of contact for service and 24x7 Service Support Requests
  • 24x7 Data Centre Access and access cards for up to 2 Authorized Customer Representatives (ACR) from your organization
  • Remote Hands service enables customers to use our Service Desk to act as your ‘remote hands’. Our staff will be your remote hands for various tasks (i.e. physical server access, inspection of environment, loading and removing of tapes / CDs, physical server reboot etc.)
  • Service Account Management - Dedicated Service Account Managers to ensure quality of service delivery

Short video on how Co-location can benefit your business

Benefits of Co-location

Lease vs. Build
Building your own Data Centre can be an expensive proposition requiring huge capital investments and ongoing maintenance costs. With our co-location services, you can lease Data Centre space and convert capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operating expenditure (OPEX) with predictable monthly fees.

You can choose to co-locate only a part of your IT environment, for instance, mission critical data, business applications, and applications that need more bandwidth.

The solution is flexible and provides complete control over your co-location needs because you can purchase the amount of space that you need today and scale it as your business grows without having to make additional capital investments.

Reduced Time to Market
Your IT requirements can be upgraded or scaled dynamically as per growing business needs. This reduces your time to market which is imperative in today’s fast growing business environment.

Reduced Power Expenses
Data Centers demand high power & cooling requirements & therefore attract huge capital & operating expenses. If your Data Centre is not fully utilized, you would be wasting a lot of power and money.

Reduced Bandwidth Costs
Our Data Centre has high speed redundant network bandwidth, attractively packaged to cater to varying customer requirements and you pay for only what you use.

Reduced Downtime & High Availability
In case of relocation of business premises or a disaster, your business experiences near-zero downtime. Data Centre infrastructure is built for high availability complying with the requirements of business applications.

Enhanced Security
When you collocate your servers, you get 24x7 physical security, building management systems, fire and smoke detection systems, CCTV monitoring and redundant UPS and backup generators. This ensures that your critical data and applications are more secure than what you could match with in-house Data Centers.

Service Level Agreements
We provide guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure high quality of service.

24x7 Operations
The round-the-clock service desk ensures 24x7 operations and monitoring.


eHDF caters to clients across the globe. Some of our customers: