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Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

Reflecting on the first half of this year, it is with pleasure that I share with you some important achievements as well as the outlook for an equally promising balance of the year ahead.

We are proud to announce that eHDF made a striking achievement of attaining the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certification. Completing the stringent process in a record time of just four months highlights our maturity in security mandates and governance.

Cyber threats are looming large in the Middle East and organizations are focusing more and more on securing their infrastructure, data and digital assets. What they are looking for is a holistic approach to tackle the challenges posed by the threat landscape. With this in mind, we launched our Cyber Defense Centre (CDC) which is manned 24/7 by a highly qualified team of security experts. The CDC offers a portfolio of Managed Security Services (MSS) along with Remote Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Services, delivered either within eHDF’s Data Centre, on customer premise or in the Cloud.

In the past few months, we have also witnessed an increased demand in Cloud Computing services in the region. A whitepaper by Cisco Global Cloud Index (2013-2018) estimates that the highest cloud traffic growth rate of (54 percent CAGR) is for the Middle East and Africa, followed by Central and Eastern Europe (39 percent CAGR) and Asia Pacific (37 percent CAGR). Our participation in the Cloud MENA event is part of our continuous effort to kindle innovation by understanding market needs through direct interaction with end-users.

2017 has been a promising year so far, despite of the regional challenges. We are committed to helping our customers navigate any uncertainties by offering them value based services, optimizing their capital expenditures, reducing their operating expenses as well as addressing the rising cyber security threats.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continued trust in eHDF and assure you of our commitment which is second to none.

Cordially, Yasser Zeineldin CEO, eHDF

eHDF achieves the acclaimed PCI-DSS Certification

eHDF recently attained the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certification after completing the stringent certification process in a record time of four months due to the existing compliance with several other industry standards.

eHDF can now extend PCI compliant services to customers and help them meet the compliance standards. The PCI security standard dictates a set of comprehensive requirements for “enhancing payment account data security” such as credit card numbers, names, addresses, email, etc. Besides, eHDF is also accredited with ISO 9001, 20000, 22301, 27001 and CSA STAR security certifications.

eHDF showcases enhanced Cloud Infrastructure Services at Cloud MENA

eHDF participated in Cloud MENA 2017, which was held from May 1st – 2nd at Dubai World Trade Centre. eHDF showcased its Cloud offerings and highlighted enhancements made to these services over the last year. eHDF also showcased its other core services – Co-location, Managed Co-location, Managed Hosting and Disaster Recovery, along with its Cyber Defense Services at the event.

74% of CFOs say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017

By 2018, at least half of IT spending will be Cloud-based, reaching 60% of all IT infrastructure spending

Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 attaining a CAGR of 19%

By the end of 2018, spending on IT-as-a-Service for data centers, software and services will be $547B

eHDF launches Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

Protecting company data and defending data breaches is a full-time job. Combine this with shrinking capital budgets and a lack of qualified technical resources, the problems are insurmountable. To combat these issues, eHDF has launched a Cyber Defense Centre (CDC)/ Security Operations Center (SOC) based in Dubai.

Our CDC offers a portfolio of Managed Security Services along with Remote Managed SIEM Services. This can be delivered either within eHDF’s Data Centre, on premise at the Customers site or on the Cloud.

More than 70% of companies fell victim to cyber-attacks last year!

In 2016, several enterprises were affected by DDoS and malware, resulting in data compromise and loss of revenue

With the cost of data breach at $3.5Million per incident, 2017 is the year that business should start taking security seriously

Migrate to the Cloud in
7 Easy Steps

Migration to the Cloud is showing an upward trend and the State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud Report by Verizon affirms the same – 65% of today’s organizations are using Cloud Computing. In fact, this figure is sure to rise as businesses are discovering the many benefits of moving to the Cloud, including lower CAPEX, improved application performance and high scalability, to list just a few.

Having said that, Migration to the Cloud is a journey that presents many challenges. We give you a 7 Step Guide to get started.

The Cybersecurity Checklist for 2017

With the introduction of several new technologies, such as mobile IT infrastructure, cloud computing, collaborative access to data with clients and partners, etc. have introduced a new range of vulnerabilities and security issues. To remain secure, in the current era, companies must endeavor to remain abreast of the latest technologies and strategies that provide them with the means to secure their data and other IT related assets. Managed Security Services Providers are an excellent option to place such critical requirements and functions in the hands of experts, who have the specific skills to execute them effectively.

About eHDF

Established in 2001, eHDF is a part of the MIDIS Group and amongst the 1st providers of Managed Hosting, Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Security Services in the Gulf region. It owns and operates multiple T3 data centers, delivering managed services through reliable infrastructure, 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime, and is the only services provider in the ME to offer credit based Service Level Agreements.

eHDF was the pioneer in the region to introduce hosted managed private cloud solutions and were the 1st in the UAE to launch public cloud services which can be bought from an online storefront. Very recently, eHDF obtained Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR Certification, becoming the 1st company in the region to achieve this. It also achieved the acclaimed ISO 22301 certification for Business Continuity this year and was amongst the 1st companies to achieve ISO 9001 / 20000 / 27001. eHDF is also certified to PCI-DSS.

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