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Why A Colocation Data Centre is better than On-premise Server Room

Businesses often find themselves in need of additional storage space for their data as their business grows. Whether it’s adding additional applications such as email, ERP, CRM or other critical business applications, organisations must make the decision to either lease data centre space or build it in-house.

According to Forrester, it costs around $200 per square foot to build a data centre, and additionally, installing fiber can cost over $10,000 per mile. While larger companies have extensive financial and human resources to cover costs, maintain and monitor the facility 24/7, it‘s almost impossible for SMBs to do the same. Even large organizations find it challenging to expand data centre facilities, continuously purchase new hardware and software and upgrade employee skills. Hosting servers in-house can put a business at an additional risk of downtime since internal IT does not often provide guaranteed SLAs and 24/7 Support.

This makes co-location a better choice.

Co-location allows businesses to rent space for their servers and other computing hardware in a service provider’s data centre facility. Typically, a co-location facility provides space, power, cooling, bandwidth and physical security.

Below, we highlight key benefits:

1. Co-location converts CAPEX to OPEX with predictable monthly costs
2. You can be assured of best-in-class security and latest technology
3. It’s simple to co-locate your IT assets at a services provider data centre at short notice
4. You are guaranteed network reliability and availability with maximum uptime
5. Your servers are always safe in climate-controlled data centres
6. Co-location providers also guarantee reduction in power wastage and operating costs

The infographic above shows why choosing colocation over on-premise server rooms is a good decision:

Colocation better than On-premise Server Room

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