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Outsource vs. In-house hosting - Quick Cost Analysis

The world is moving towards the new age of technology, which is changing very rapidly. Hosting services are no different.

Should we build our own data centres and host in-house or should we outsource it? This question seems to be on the mind of every IT manager as they look at building efficiencies while reducing costs. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to have hosting services outsourced to a third party data centre services provider:

Access to skilled resources
When it comes to hosting your critical business applications, the right infrastructure and the knowledge and experience of the service provider becomes an important factor. With the right service provider you get access to latest technology and a varied pool of skills which might be difficult to replicate in-house.

Access to latest technology
Hosting needs regular refresh of technology in terms of hardware, software, etc which needs to go through an evaluation and planning process. Hosting with a service provider ensures you get access to the latest technology and hardware and software refresh is done on a regular basis.

Cost Savings
With a hosting services provider, an organization can save costs on IT infrastructure, technology and resources. There is no need to invest upfront capital expenditure in technology which can be utilized on an operating expenses model. Service providers have the advantage of scale which ensures that customers get the best value for their money.

These are the top 3 reasons for hosting with a service provider. It helps in improving efficiency, optimization of IT resources, and high performance and quality of services.

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