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Are You Making or Breaking Enterprise Architecture?

Why are words like robust, scalable, integrated, enterprise-wide being bombarded at us on a day-to-day basis? How many Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) organisations actually understand what defines a ‘robust IT architecture’? It is indeed a complex task to chalk out the perfect IT infrastructure. With intense competition, more demanding customers and stringent regulations, a highly responsive and business-oriented IT environment has become critical for business success.

When we talk about Information Technology architecture, its complexity is derived from its intangible and vast nature. The task of developing the IT architecture of an enterprise begins from understanding user requirements, business processes and overall vision and strategies. This paves the way for the next stage, i.e., building a prototype.

Once the prototype is ready and technically up-and-running, it needs to match overall client requirements. Enterprise architecture is based on the various levels of its users within the organisation. Each person seeks a unique solution from the framework. Enhanced vendor evaluation process must be undertaken for greater business-IT alignment.

Each IT infrastructure project must be given sufficient time and resources to develop and testing the same is equally important. Development and testing must be done in iteration to ensure it meets the client needs. Lean systems that act as result accelerators while successfully driving IT-enabled business transformation is what ideal enterprise architectures are made of.

A few tips to get you started:
1)Define your mission and objectives clearly
2)Build a strategy around it
3)Create a common requirements vision
4)Evaluate and perform thorough testing

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