Disaster Recovery

Ensure the availability of critical systems with managed disaster recovery services

Data loss is increasingly becoming less acceptable because of the value of organizational data and the inability to re-create it. Uninterrupted uptime and availability of mission critical data is therefore not just a necessity, but is in fact crucial to business success. Unavailability of an organisation’s IT infrastructure can result in heavy loss of brand equity and revenue, missed opportunities and failed commitments.

Disasters can happen in many ways—natural disasters, site outages, component outages or logical outages. These disasters can potentially disrupt or even completely devastate an organization’s operations and it is therefore imperative for a business to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Organizations can achieve this by working with a disaster recovery services provider to take care of their critical systems, data and applications.

Short video on eHDF’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions

eHDF’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to recover business-critical applications in case of a disaster. We also ensure availability of critical applications with Cloud based Disaster Recovery services and solutions, offering DR sites within eHDF’s Hosted Private Cloud.

Our state-of-the-art data centres in Dubai, UAE are the backbone of our Disaster Recovery services. We provide solutions that are efficient and simple, allowing customers to choose from a range of DR services:

  • Disaster Recovery Sites

    eHDF provides warm site and cold site DR solutions with a choice of our managed services at the DR sites.

  • Disaster Recovery Seats

    We understand the importance of workplace continuity and offer relocation solutions to suit customer needs.

  • Comprehensive Hosted Disaster Recovery Replication Solutions

    eHDF provides a complete end-to-end hosted DR solution within eHDF data centers with partners who provide state-of-the-art replication technologies.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery services

  • Reduced Downtime

    Our disaster recovery solution minimizes downtime and keeps your business up and running in the event of a disaster.

  • Reduced Risks

    Managing your company’s IT infrastructure in-house costs more and carries greater risk than using eHDF as a Managed Hosting service provider.

  • Core Business Focus

    With our DR services, your staff can focus on strategic activities rather than non-core activities of your business.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer tailored solutions specific to your business requirements and budgets.

  • Quality of Service

    Guaranteed SLAs ensure quality of service.

  • Security

    With our state-of-the-art Data Centre infrastructure and backup and restore services, your business critical data and information are secure both physically and digitally.

  • 24x7 Operations

    Round-the-clock managed operations and support ensure near-zero downtime.

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