Hosting Solutions

Customized web, server and email hosting solutions in Dubai, UAE to meet specific requirements

With growing IT infrastructure and the complexities it comes with, companies across all industries now prefer to work with web hosting companies to take away additional costs and the burden of managing IT infrastructure hosting in-house. Also, it saves a lot time, letting them focus on core business. This ensures that data is completely secure and readily available at all times. In short it gives peace of mind.

Leveraging the depth of experience of the skilled resources at eHDF, companies can take advantage of our wide range of flexible server hosting solutions to meet specific hosting services needs. When you work with eHDF, you can be assured of 24X7 support and guaranteed SLAs that are required for availability, reliability, security and redundancy.

eHDF offers some of the most diverse solutions in web, server and email hosting in Dubai, UAE.

Our flexible solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Co-location: eHDF offers Co-location services in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centers located in Dubai, UAE. These data centres boast of world class infrastructure. Owing to diverse requirements, a range of flexible options have been made available to customers. The ‘Rack Cabinets’ service provides racks to customers, allowing them to re-locate their business critical IT infrastructure like servers, network equipments, storage, etc to the eHDF data centres. The ‘Secure Cage’ service, an enclosed, secured space with dedicated physical security and environmental control allows for varying combinations of square footage, power, rack specifications and physical security devices.
  • Managed Co-location: This is an extension to Co-location services offering the right blend of control over the IT infrastructure and the added convenience of Managed Services. This means that while you still have control over your core strategic IT infrastructure, you can avoid the inconvenience of managing and monitoring the physical devices, network and data centre. As part of this offering, customers can choose from a broad selection of managed services and pay on a monthly basis, opting for those services that are most relevant to their business requirements.
  • Managed Hosting: As part of the managed hosting services, customers can lease dedicated servers and all associated hardware and software and have their IT infrastructure fully managed by eHDF. Our managed services include Backup, Storage, Security, Network, and Application & System Administration Services. The entire hosted infrastructure is managed on a 24x7 basis and is also backed by guaranteed credit based SLAs for high availability, reliability, security and redundancy. Our managed hosting services are secure and highly reliable and are fully customized based on what works best for your business.
  • Cloud Hosting: As the IT business continues to advance at a rapid pace, hardware technology, processing speed, storage space, memory, data transfer rates, and other parameters have reached levels that mean most servers are not fully utilized. The need for efficiency led enterprise IT engineers to develop virtual machines that utilize the unused capacities of these physical servers for a variety of purposes, a concept termed ‘virtualization’. As you pool these resources and introduce capabilities such as dynamic provisioning, you create a hosting cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery: In an increasingly uncertain world, disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. These disasters may disrupt and even potentially devastate your business. As organizations are becoming more and more reliant on technology, it is imperative to have an IT disaster recovery plan in place. eHDF offers end-to-end disaster recovery solutions and the customer can choose from our plethora of disaster recovery services that are reliable and completely flexible to fit to your requirements.

Fully managed hosting services is the core business at eHDF and we have been providing efficient solutions since 2001. The management of the entire spectrum of your hosting needs within a data centre in Dubai, UAE ensures better business performance and optimal IT service delivery. When you choose eHDF as your hosting provider, you are benefitted in a number of ways:

  • Flexibility to host only a part of your IT environment
  • Scale as your business grows. This means: you spend on only what you use
  • Quick deployment as and when your business grows. This reduces your time to market which is very important in today’s fast paced business environment
  • Attractive packages to cater to various requirements
  • Reduced downtime and enhanced security
  • Save IT costs and investment on resources
  • Focus on your core business and stop bothering about managing IT infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art data centre infrastructure ensures that risks are minimal
  • Round the clock operations and monitoring services
  • Disaster Recovery services assure data is safe
  • Guaranteed SLAs to ensure quality of service

With eHDF as a hosting services provider, organizations have seen quick results, and have felt the pain of managing and hosting IT infrastructure being taken away from them.


eHDF caters to clients across the globe. Some of our customers: