Remote Backup

Protect your Critical Data with Enterprise Class Managed Remote Backup Solutions

At the core of every business is ‘Data’, and losing this critical data can cripple any organization — big or small. Every year, data loss costs businesses millions of dollars and in the aftermath of a disaster, 50% of small companies never recover. For larger organizations, this cost of data loss can be even more significant, directly impacting revenue and brand reputation.

This makes it imperative for organizations to have a backup of their critical IT systems and data to ensure undisrupted business operations. However, industry research has shown that many organizations either do not have a comprehensive back-up plan in place or are very concerned about the availability of their back-up.

This is where eHDF’s Managed Remote Data Backup Services come in. With ‘Backup as a Service’ or Managed Remote Backup, eHDF can effectively manage daily back-up of your critical information by maintaining two copies of data – one locally at your premises and the other at a remote location via a secured network.

Managed Remote Backup Features:

  • Enterprise-class backup technology using Commvault (Leader in 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant)
  • Secure Backup of multiple platforms and applications (Win / Unix / Linux / SQL / Oracle / SAP / Exchange / SharePoint, etc.) via encryption
  • Local copy for faster recovery, Remote copy for redundancy & Tape offsite for long time retention
  • Pay as you go licensing - metered by use (per GB)
  • 24x7 monitoring of backup processes (Fully monitored backup jobs even after business hours)
  • Management console
  • Monthly reporting and assurance (97% success rates)


  • Security: The level of protection that eHDF offers is unparalleled. The data is encrypted over wire and stored within our data centres located in Dubai, UAE, ensuring that the data in transit and the data at rest are highly secure
  • Higher data availability: With two copies of data, the local copy ensures faster recovery, the remote copy provides redundancy and with tape offsite, there is long time retention of data
  • Peace of mind: We have skilled resources with strong back-up management capabilities, and with eHDF’s backup services you can offload mundane backup management activities and get rid of the headaches of monitoring backup jobs with an end-to-end managed back-up service.
  • Flexibility: The pay per GB model offers flexibility, allowing you to scale as your data grows and provides predictable costs and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Assurance: Online portal for regular reporting, 24X7 monitoring of backup processes and round the clock support ensures high backup success rates

eHDF Backup services can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs, from the smallest to the most complex requirements. We help companies benefit from focusing on core business objectives rather than managing and monitoring backup jobs and dealing with the complexity of deploying and managing on premise data backup systems.

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