Managed Backup & Archiving

The Backup and Recovery solutions offered by eHDF provide disk-to-disk-to-offsite backup solution with real-time data protection for servers, laptops, and desktops, both locally for instant recovery and offsite for disaster recovery.

Furthermore, determination of backup schedules is executed by our architects who size the file and database volume of the hosted infrastructure and calculate the monthly volume with client inputs on the selection list of folders for backup.

Installation of backup agents depends on the applications and operating systems to maintain data integrity.

Other features include policy-based, full weekly backups and daily incremental backups and ,weekly offsite backups in a fire-proof, earthquake resistant and physically and environmentally controlled place.

We also provide Central & Remote administration, compression technology enabling efficient utilization of disk space, backup verification procedures, optional test-recovery strategies, and compatibility with various operating systems, database platforms and business applications. The service also covers Open files backup and application backups (SQL, MS Exchange, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Hyper V, etc.)

In addition, capacity planning is enabled through reports such as regular aggregate backup usage reports, successful backup sessions, identification of critical trends and impending limit alerts.

eHDF offers 3 Main Types of Backup Services, which include: Standard Backup Services, Snap & Clone Services and Dedicated Backup Management.
Archiving services include MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, MS SharePoint & File Servers.

Benefits of Managed Backup & Archiving

Data Recovery and Restoration
Managed Backup and Restore services ensure fast and easy data recovery and help to plan for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Data is secured by AES 256-bit encryption technologies implemented by major financial institutions and government agencies. In addition, our state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities offer very high levels of security for your critical business data and applications.

Reduced Risk
Fully automated service reduces the risk associated with handling backup tapes.

Reduced Business Impact
Backup scheduling done outside working hours avoids business impact.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
With our Backup and Restore services you do not have to worry about provisioning, implementation, and management costs. This leads to lower operational costs and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Core Business Focus
Our experts will manage your Backup and Restore needs so that your team can eliminate routine data management tasks to focus on the core business.

Quality of Service
We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that ensure high quality of service.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
With reduction on time spent on routine managerial tasks, productivity and efficiency increases.

High Availability
Round-the-clock monitoring and support ensures high availability.

Our solutions are scalable, designed to accommodate growing volumes of data.

Customized Solutions
We offer customized solutions to meet customers’ needs.


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