System and Application Management

OS Administration

eHDF’s OS Administration services can streamline your organization and boost productivity by freeing up resources from lower-end tasks like Windows OS management, so they can refocus on business-critical services. Our team of experts provide comprehensive knowledge, experience, and expertise, to ensure reliable, efficient operating system performance. These services ensure proper tuning and configuration for all the servers. With our activities and process monitoring and patch management services, we ensure that your Windows OS is updated and running smoothly.

eHDF OS Administration Services include:

  • Install of OS
  • Storage configuration
  • Log maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Create file systems
  • Advanced security implementations (Refer to the security services section)
  • Monitor system performance
  • Provide Licenses as per the agreement
  • Configure agents such as Backup, Monitoring, etc. for hosted servers
  • Provide ‘Remote Hands’ for all servers which cover restarting of service or server reboot

Virtual Server - Administration

eHDF’s virtual server hosting offers many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers, including administration and dedicated IP addresses. Our virtual server with host administration provides a completely managed server environment without the customer having to lift a single finger. With robust performance, reliability, and security for any application eHDF Virtual Server provides a fully managed service, using the best quality equipment, and hosted within a world-class data centre environment for total peace of mind.

eHDF Virtual Server Services include:

  • Installation on virtual host machine
  • Configure network
  • Configure storage
  • Configuration of high availability
  • Create Virtual Machine Guests
  • Backup and recovery

Threat Management Gateway Server Administration

Every business needs tools to  ensure a safer browsing experience, reduce the risk of malware attacks from web-borne threats, boost employee productivity by reducing cyber-slacking as well as reduce the risk of legal liabilities because of inappropriate browsing. eHDF’s Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Server Administration is a secure internet monitoring software, web security and access control solution that provides comprehensive protection against web based threats, allowing your employees to safely and productively use the internet.

eHDF TMG Server Administration includes:

  • Installation & configuration
  • Configure networks
  • Configure restriction elements
  • Configure protection mechanisms
  • Firewall policy best practices
  • Configure web and e-mail publishing
  • Monitoring & troubleshooting

eHDF Web Server Admin

Not having a sound web administration is the equivalent of not having a website. Web server administration is one of the most important, but overlooked aspects of web development.

eHDF’s Web Server Administration ensures a secure web server and its smooth running, makes sure the hosting continues to work, installs and maintains web software, keeps track of logs and manages content.

eHDF Web Server Admin includes:

  • Installation
  • Creating new websites
  • Configure logging
  • Configure host headers
  • Secure web server
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Active Directory Management

As an expert in Active Directory management, we have the depth of knowledge, experience, and tools to make your Active Directory secure, compliant, and available. We can help you simplify your Active Directory Domain by making it more efficient, secure, and affordable using the following solutions:

  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forest and forest trust deployment.
  • AD DS domain and Domain Name Service (DNS) integration design.
  • Planning Sites and Replication
  • Implement AD DS security policies
  • Delegating Active Directory Administration
  • Managing RODCs
  • Best Practices for GPOs and Links

Backup Management

eHDF helps enhance data backup management and archive operations, verify service level compliance with more in depth policy and schedule information, and align backup and archiving with the business. This backup management solution provides multi product and platform support, business reporting, and complete customization, providing enhanced visibility and control into backup environment and operations.

Benefits include:

  • Installation and configuration of media server
  • Configure Autoloader
  • Install agents and Application modules
  • Configure policies, Volume Pools
  • Schedule the jobs
  • Backup recovery

Oracle Administration

Oracle is one of the most complex and sophisticated databases and can be large, having multiple users and therefore requires a dedicated team to administer, control and maintain it. eHDF’s Oracle Administration has several areas of specialization to ensure a sound and secure database structure.

eHDF Oracle Administration includes:

  • Install and configure Oracle databases (9i, 10g, 11g) on Windows and Unix platforms
  • Standalone configuration
  • Real Application Cluster (RAC- active/active cluster)
  • Active / Passive cluster on OS cluster
  • Implementation and administration of Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Configuration and administration of Oracle data guard
  • Oracle database monitoring and routine database health check
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database upgrade and migration

SQL Administration

Our SQL management service offers complete database admin, development and management tools for maintaining consistent SQL performance.

We focus on keeping the SQL server running efficiently. Configuration of the server and the software is the prime responsibility of our database administrator. We take you through the pre-installation decisions like layout of the drive, number of servers, and schemes for replication right through to determining the proper sizing and configuration of the hardware, performance tuning, backup and recovery, scaling and replication, clustering, and security.

eHDF SQL Administration includes:

  • Installation and configuration of MSSQL database (Stand alone and cluster)
  • SQL instance and database monitoring
  • MS SQL database replication
  • MS SQL database mirroring to remote site
  • Database Backup and recovery
  • Database health and performance monitoring
  • MOSS Administration

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