VPN Services

The interconnectivity of remote devices and networks is crucial to every business today, and eHDF’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are offered to establish secure connections between server networks at eHosting DataFort’s Data Center and the customer. This will allow server management and new content deployment, which includes:

  • Encrypted connection between server and client. (Client to Site)
  • Encrypted connection between server and customer site, allowing multiple users (limited to 5 users) to access the server.
  • Secure password authentication on all connections.


Two types of VPN services are available from eHDF:

  • Client to Site VPN, which allows individual users to connect to a remote network
  • Site to Site VPN, which allows interconnectivity of networks

Download these documents to find out more about our solutions and services.


eHDF caters to clients across the globe. Some of our customers: