Router Management Services

Routers are critical components of any network, and our end-to-end router management solution offers network analysis and design, router configuration, installation, management and maintenance. eHDF’s Managed Router Services will not only help optimize your resources and network performance, but also minimize delays, slowdowns, access issues and the often critical configuration errors.


Infra Services Service Elements Platinum Gold Silver
Router Management
(Provides Routing Services Mainly)
Site to site VPN Up to 30 site to site VPN Up to 5 site to site VPN 3 Site to Site
DM VPN 4 Hub + 30 Spoke DM VPN 2 Hub + 3 Spoke DM VPN No
Remote access VPN 100 Remote Access VPN users 10 Remote Access VPN users 3
Dynamic routing Dynamic Routing Protocols (OSPF, BGP, etc.) up to 30 nodes Dynamic Routing Protocols (OSPF, BGP, etc.) up to 5 nodes No
Static routing Static Routing up to 300 static routes Static Routing up to 100 static routes Up to 50
BGP VPN v4 & other BGP address families Yes No No
IP V6 routing Yes No No
VRF Yes No No
QOS Yes No No
GW Redundancy 30 Groups Up to 5 GW redundancy group (HSRP, GLBP, VRRP) Up to 2


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