Firewall Management Services

Managed Firewalls are a critical component of any enterprise’s data security structure, and eHosting DataFort’s Managed Firewall services have the enviable record of operating attack-free for over four years. Ensuring continued effectiveness is our team of highly-qualified engineers who regularly analyse and inspect the servers as well as manage the firewall.

eHDF’s Firewall services

  • Centralized view of enterprise-wide events across heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Real-time and historic view into external attacks, insider threats and regulatory compliance
  • On demand services including in-depth analysis of the firewall report or an incident
  • Configuration of Firewall, Security Zones, Firewall Access and NAT rules
  • Dynamic Routing protocols (OSPF , EIGRP , RIP) and Static Routing
  • Redundancy
  • Virtual Firewall (contexts)
  • VPN Configuration – L2L, Remote Access, SSL VPN etc.
  • Transparent Firewall
  • Multivendor Firewall Management (Cisco, Juniper, Sonicwall etc.)


Infra Services Service Elements Platinum Gold Silver
Firewall Management
(Provides Security Mainly)
Site to Site VPN Up to 30 site to site VPN Up to 10 site to site VPN Up to 5 Site to Site
SSLVPN Up to 10 URL Up to 2 URL No
Remote Access User 100 Remote Access VPN users 10 Remote Access VPN users 3
Security Zones 10 Security Zones 5 3
QOS Yes No No
Dynamic routing (OSPF, EIGRP & RIP) Yes No No
Static routing Unlimited Up to 100 routes Up to 50
Transparent Firewall Yes Yes No
Modules (IPS, CSC-SSM etc.) Yes No No
Redundancy (Stateful failover) Yes Yes No
Virtual FW (Multi Context) - Need to Procure 10 Context license Up to 10 Firewall Context No No
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