Log analysis and correlation

Making sense of the all the information and logs collected from various devices within your security network (including firewalls, servers, operating system, access control devices and applications) is an arduous task that is made simple by eHDF’s state-of-the-art correlation engine. This logging infrastructure plays a central role in our security network: it collects thousands of logs and matches significant signatures criteria from different devices on the same incident as proof of a consistent threat, then sends an alert to our security engineers to act upon.

eHDF’s Correlation Engine

  • Logs collection from more than 500 log sources
  • Smart engine to detect sequential log activity
  • Customized alerting based on business needs
  • Dashboards of current threat with the risk magnitude
  • Dedicated web portal for remote customers to view live events & security offences
  • Monthly reporting for the summary of security events
  • Remediation of threat detected before reaching the servers

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