Host Intrusion Prevention System

Network IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), provides the second level of protection that prevents most attacks that come through the network, including those with an application layer. Intruders will be detected before reaching the network, vulnerabilities in Operating Systems and Enterprise Applications will be shielded until they can be patched, for timely protection against known and ‘Day - Zero Attacks Vulnerability’.

Additionally, deep packet inspection are carried out enabling Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), web application protection, application control, file & system integrity monitoring, and log inspection.

eHDF’s Host Intrusion Prevention System:

  • Monitors and raises alerts for any cyber threat
  • Gathers and analyzes information from various network areas
  • Protects the underlying operating system by preventing attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted application layer intrusion monitoring and analysis
  • Detects and prevents inbound attacks as well as blocks new and unknown outbound attacks such as buffer overflows, Trojans, brute force attacks, unauthorized access and network worms
  • Log monitoring & analysis
  • Scalable server protection strategy

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