Private Cloud

Benefit from scalable and highly secure private cloud hosting services for all your enterprise cloud computing needs

One of the most recognizable and widely used model of cloud computing is Private Cloud. Under this, the cloud computing platform is created within an organization or a service provider data centre. It works similar to the public cloud model and couples its feature and benefits, discounting worries about security and control, and any issues related to regulatory compliance.

In essence, it is a virtualized data center dedicated to an organization within a service provider data center, specially designed to handle the company’s workloads. All in all, it is a virtual space that employees can access anytime and anywhere.

eHDF’s Private Cloud hosting services are delivered from its own data centers in Dubai. It is a unique offering for clients who wish to have their own Virtual Data Centre (vDC). We ensure that your vDC remains isolated, firewalled and completely secured to fully support processing, storage, transfer and memory capacities. As one of the well reputed private cloud computing companies in Dubai, UAE, we provide private cloud servers with high end service level agreements (SLAs).

Private cloud services allow an organization to provision virtual machines from a pool of resources based on their needs. It provides a seamless technologically-enabled environment that optimizes the use of computing resources such as servers, while supporting specific workloads and offering the added convenience of a pool of hardware and software resources.

We also ensure that our Private Cloud infrastructure services are simple, incorporating customer requirements to meet exact needs and allowing scalability and flexibility. Our solutions are designed and delivered by highly skilled resources, offering the right cloud mix, ensuring that businesses are benefitted from cloud computing in the best way possible.

Short video on how eHDF’s Private Cloud can benefit your business.

eHDF’s private cloud offering currently has 2 variants, namely Managed and Unmanaged Private Cloud.

1. Managed Private Cloud:

The promise of flexible, scalable and secure cloud hosting services is extremely compelling for all businesses alike. The model also ensures that your exact infrastructure requirements are met.

eHDF’s Managed Private Cloud is highly secure, offering the users a fully managed vDC environment along with compute, storage and network. Our cloud infrastructure is highly robust and reliable.

2. Unmanaged Private Cloud:

The unmanaged private cloud offering provides users with similar features as stated above, with the only exception being — managed services. When you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, the responsibility of management and monitoring lies with you.

However, the users can leverage the option to add managed services such as security, backup, etc. for their VPS environment. Any of the managed services offered with the Managed Private Cloud can be offered with the unmanaged offering as an optional add-on.

The table below highlights both Managed and Unmanaged Cloud offering:

Managed Cloud Packs
Packs 1 Managed VPS Pack of 2 VPS Pack of 3 VPS Pack of 5 VPS Pack of 10 VPS
RAM (GB) 8 GB 16 GB 24 GB  40 GB 80 GB
GHz 3 GHz 6 GHz 9 GHz  15 GHz  30 GHZ
Disk Space (GB) 50 GB  200 GB  300 GB 500 GB 1500 GB
Bandwidth (GB) 100 GB 100 GB  200 GB 300 GB 500 GB
Backup (GB) 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Add On – Managed VPS
Add On – 1 GHz + 2 GB RAM
Add On – 1 GHz + 3 GB RAM
Unmanaged Cloud Packs
    Pack of 2 VPS  Pack of 3 VPS  Pack of 5 VPS  Pack of 10 VPS 
RAM   16 GB 24 GB  40 GB  80 GB 
GHz   6 GHz 9 GHz  15 GHz  30 GHz 
Disk Space   200 GB  300 GB  500 GB  1500 GB 
Bandwidth    100 GB  200 GB  300 GB  500 GB 
Add On – 1 GHz + 2 GB RAM  
Add On – 1 GHz + 3 GB RAM  


Enclosed below is the comparison of features for the Managed and Unmanaged offering:

Features Managed Cloud Unmanaged Cloud 
A Virtual Data Centre (vDC) hosted on highly redundant infrastructure for each client
Cloud Portal to manage Virtual Private Server (VPS) √ 
Operating System License (Windows) √  √ 
Network Intrusion Detection System √ 
VPN (Site to Site & Client to Site) √  √ 
1 Public IP, 3 Dedicated Network Zones √ 
Firewall Service √  √ 
Online performance reports Optional Add-on 
VPS Management & Patching √  Optional Add-on 
Antimalware Management √  Optional Add-on 
Backup √  Optional Add-on 
Access Control & Audit using PAR √  Optional Add-on 
VPS Monitoring √  Optional Add-on 
24 x 7 Service Desk √  Optional Add-on
Host Intrusion Detection System Optional Add-on Optional Add-on
URL Monitoring Optional Add-on Optional Add-on




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