Cloud Hosting

Choose from Private & Public Cloud Hosting services based in data centres in Dubai, UAE

Dynamic scalability, dramatically reduced lead times, and higher availability are only a few of the benefits your business would be getting from eHDF’s Cloud Services.

eHDF, one of the leading cloud computing companies in Dubai, UAE, provides your enterprise with cloud solutions that are robust, secure and highly flexible. The ‘pay as you use’ model accelerates your business growth, while at the same time reduces IT costs, enhances management and simplifies maintenance.

With decades of experience and constant product innovation investment, we offer secure and dedicated cloud servers in the Gulf and Middle East region. With eHDF, your organization can be assured of highly efficient cloud infrastructure services and a platform where you are completely secured.

Our cloud hosting services consist of virtual data centers that are highly optimized, allowing usage of software, hardware and information resources—when needed. So basically, all computing resources are available on a pay per use model.

eHDF offers two types of cloud hosting services for customers across the Middle East and Gulf region:

1. Private Cloud – With eHDF’s Private Cloud, customers get a pool of network, storage and computing capacity. Clients can then spin out virtual machines from this compute capacity as per their needs and have complete control over the virtual environment. Our comprehensive solutions are tailor-made to fit your requirements and we currently offer two variants: Managed and Unmanaged Private Cloud.

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2. Public Cloud – eHDF’s Public Cloud is a highly reliable and secure platform that allows scalable and flexible cloud solutions. It comes with the ease of selecting and purchasing services online through a credit card. We also allow users to choose from a wide range of customizable computing options such as operating system templates, ability to configure servers online, online backup and restore facility, upgrading server configurations, etc. The easy to use web interface offers simple user controls.

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Benefits of Cloud Services

The promise that cloud computing comes with—is extremely compelling, delivering flexibility and scalability. It ensures freedom and gives you the power to meet specific and unique needs. Besides, it offers a number of benefits:

Scalability of Infrastructure

You might double your workforce only to realize that the IT infrastructure is not up to speed; not scaling this could cripple your system. This is only one example—out of the many—where the cloud comes to rescue. Being inherently elastic, cloud VPS (Virtual private servers) plans allow tailor-made hosting options suited to business demands. In fact, they offer automatic scaling to handle traffic burst or lean periods, while at the same time—maintain optimal performance. With a good cloud service provider in place, you can be assured of your business being managed in the most efficient way. eHDF’s dedicated cloud servers and architecture capabilities allows scalability of your infrastructure.

eHDF Cloud Infrastructure Scalability:

Network Bandwidth: Burstable NW bandwidth to address spikes in Business Demands


- Storage: Capability to expand Server disks to address data growths

- CPU: Capability to expand the processing power for a single VPS or for the Virtual       DataCentre

- Memory: Capability to expand the memory capacity for a single VPS and for the Virtual   DataCentre

Lead Times & Deployment

To get away with the hassle of long deployment and expensive lead times, eHDF’s professional cloud services allow spinning out new Virtual Machines (VMs) quickly. This helps address business spikes and new campaigns.

Seamless Movement between Hosts

In order to avoid physical (host server) failure and for load balancing, we build seamless hybrid cloud architecture. The Cloud gives you the flexibility to effortlessly move your VMs and maintain availability and access.

Flexible Billing Options

Keeping in mind small and medium business requirements, we offer flexible buying options that lets you pay only for what you require. So rather than buying hardware with specifications that are set, cloud computing offers cost flexibility and immediate deployment of the capacity you need.


The redundant nature of the underlying infrastructure eliminates or significantly reduces downtime in case of malfunction of a particular component. The high capacity and burstable nature of the infrastructure offers the ability to manage peak loads much more efficiently.


Security of the IT infrastructure and organization data are top priorities for every business. Even though it is duplicated across multiple layers and lays safe with the cloud services provider, it requires constant monitoring and careful evaluation.

The team at eHDF ensures the highest level of security of your cloud hosted solution.

Continued IT support

At eHDF, as a cloud services provider, we follow very strict SLAs, assuring that our clients have round the clock access to an expert IT support team. We also ensure that your servers are performing with high speed — at all times, and issues are resolved rather efficiently.


eHDF caters to clients across the globe. Some of our customers: