Why choose eHDF’s Data Centers?


eHDF offers Dual Feed Internet connectivity for reliable, dedicated, high-speed Internet, with a high-speed link over terrestrial cable routes. Rest assured with end-to-end redundancy from Internet link to core network delivery devices, and eHDF’s industry-leading guaranteed SLAs for high availability.


eHDF’s totally redundant power systems ensure speed and performance optimization and draw from two separate power grids from different sources. Four independent Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units deliver backup power services and secure Data Centre systems from power fluctuations at all times. Further redundancy is achieved through back-up Diesel Generator systems, while a battery-based Emergency Lighting System is activated in the unlikely event of a power outage.

Environment Control

Maintaining an ideal environment for hardware ensure optimum performance and minimum interruption. Separate Air Conditioning System for every network and computer room of the Data Centre, temperature and humidity controls, directed airflow for optimum heat dissipation, and N+1 redundant configuration are only a few of the environmental controls we have in place.

Space Flexibility

Our business ready Data Centre comes with raised flooring and a combination of lockable rack cabinets and secure cages, allowing for better organization and more options.

Building Management System (BMS)

eHDF provides continuous surveillance and monitoring of all alerts and inputs received from the BMS, and has a proactive response mechanism for averting unstable Data Centre Environment situations.

Physical Security and Access Control System

With 24x7 onsite physical security, including security guards, motion detectors, and security cameras, you should feel pretty protected. Add to that entry control through access card and biometric access systems, mandatory visitor registration, visitor escorts by authorized personnel and employee badge access as well as CCTV monitoring and recording in the Network Operations Centre (NOC) of all doors and critical areas, and you have a DataFort! And individual cabinets still come with key, combination locks and card-key access!

Fire and Smoke Detection System

An early Warning System detects potential fires before smoke or flames activate the normal Fire Alarm System. The Fire Alarm System has buttons (triggers) installed at multiple locations in the Data Centre for almost instant response. In the unlikely event of a fire incident, the Fire Damper System springs to action to limit the effect of any fire to the smallest area possible and prevent the fire spreading through ventilation tubes and air conditioning systems. In the case of a fire alarm, we have in place an automatic clean gas agent fire suppression system. This agent leaves no residue to damage sensitive equipment and allows you to get back to normal business operations faster.

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